I ran MGR on my first Linux box, a 386sx-16 with (iirc) 10M RAM. XFree86 was uselessly slow but MGR was acceptable.

(linux-mgr was a bit of a sad puppy though. The XFree86 people were doing most of the VGA coding, and svgalib was adapting their code and mgr was adapting svgalib code...)

If you really like the looks, Rio, the Plan 9 GUI, looks and acts a lot like MGR at the user level.


@goosey @julienxx

This is interesting, never heard of it before. I saw some mention in old docs that it could run on 386 minix. Are screenshots of the enviroment? I might want to see if i can find an old copy and install it on that big 386 computer i just got working, curious what to expect it to look like though.

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@mrbill0 @julienxx

I don't have any screenshots, for sure. There's one in the page listed at the start of this thread that made me say "yup that's MGR alright."

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