I found this in a dumpster behind a pcb fab in town. Its a intersil 6100 trainer, the cmos pdp 8 on a chip. Despite being thrown in a dumpster, it still works. i was able to solder a usb cable on to it to supply the +5v. Might be a good little gadget for me to learn pdp8 assembly code on.


I have too much free time, and a list of dumpsters.

@mrbill0 are you considering filling up that unused RAM chip area?


Im trying to find documentation, it appears nonexistent. Documentation on the monitor rom, as well as the interface ports is kinda critical. it appears to be called a harris 81001-A

@crash_override @mrbill0 Solder pads... I always read shoulder pads - the dark side of the 80s. Thank god I was too busy with my 800XL.

Solder pads and Reaganism are the worst legacies of the 1980s.

@mrbill0 I would love to have something like that. Relying on BlinkenBone for now.

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