IBM RS/6000, also known as that time i rented a forklift to get a computer home.

@mrbill0 I know the feeling, I once roped in several friends and hired a trailer to get an 11/780 into my garage.


Omg do you still have it, id kill to have a 780. All i have at the moment is a microvax 3800, although i do have a pdp 11/34 taking up two racks still waiting to be moved to the new house as well.

@mrbill0 nah, it was incomplete and non-functional anyway. I kinda regret not putting more effort into keeping it all together, but if I hadn't grabbed it, it just would have been smashed to bits instantly.

Most of it ended up with a mate who reused the racks for an ISP he ran out of the back of his house (we're talking mid-90s here) and I have no idea what happened from there.


Understandable but still a shame its gone. A local silicon fab is going under and soon i will be getting all the vax gear used for controlling the labs, fingers crossed there is a 780 in there somewhere.

@mrbill0 That would make a beautiful cabinet for a modern home server/network 😍


I was going to put all the ibm gear in the ibm rs6000 rack and the rest in the dell rack. Still moving and not set up yet.

@mrbill0 Holy crap, that takes me back. First job. “smit” etched into my psyche.

Did you actually work on this particular nodel of machine?

@mrbill0 Older. Did AIX work around 1992, I think. Developed some code to drive a PLC controller for a paint shop in a Mitsubishi manufacturing plant :)


interesting stuff. Interesting to hear that a aix machine was nearly directly driving robotics / automation. Most of what i read about concerning ibm is databases and stuff, not too much driving of real world hardware.

@mrbill0 Mitsubishi Australia was an end to end IBM shop. Anything that needed a computer ended up being serviced by an IBM computer, even if that wasn’t a very good idea.

Interesting to hear about the mitsubishi plant. Are you still in a similar feild of work with ibm / industrial control?

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