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New parts my son is bringing home for me. I am the most excited about the USR ISA modem.

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It's a cactus. It's a mailbox. Yes folks, it's both.

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afaik mvc-fd200 is the last floppy mavica ever made, and the one with the highest res sensor, which is :looneygasm: because i just bought random ones off ebay that were cheap (several years ago)

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@tronss great here you go:

In one of the latest versions they even added an option to host anonymous chat rooms on tor. Also there’s no compression when sending files and no size limit🙌

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blah, battery leakage is the worst

I got in an old multi-I/O card for the 386, and the IDE didn't work. I found a few small splotches of what appeared to be corrosion from a leaked battery, and sure enough, the one that ate through a trace kept a bus transceiver from being powered.

One cleanup and a bodge wire later, it works again!

I also got a Trident TVGA8900 video card, which worked fine without a hitch.

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I ran MGR on my first Linux box, a 386sx-16 with (iirc) 10M RAM. XFree86 was uselessly slow but MGR was acceptable.

(linux-mgr was a bit of a sad puppy though. The XFree86 people were doing most of the VGA coding, and svgalib was adapting their code and mgr was adapting svgalib code...)

If you really like the looks, Rio, the Plan 9 GUI, looks and acts a lot like MGR at the user level.

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form my boards. I found some heavily oxidized copper boards, so I decided to try creating a makeshift cage for my . I'd say the result is ... Decent.

Any good introductions or tutorials on putting together a website with html5 animation? My skills in flash appear no longer relevant. Need to get up to speed on the new way to make a site with animations.

Cool find, a rgb monitor that works with a tandy 1000. I had this computer a while, but just found a monitor and keyboard that will work.

Interesting, it's Shaped like a ibm monitor, but has metal touch buttons to power on and to manually set the color.

This heap of stuff has everything.

Vertical record player, particle board is warped and destroyed, might be too, weathered to save, but im gonna try.

Out of all the mac desktops i picked up, this was the only one that was not broken junk. Its slightly less broken junk with a failing hard drive. It boots i guess thats something.

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16 simm slots on the big rectangle computer.

386 cpu, with a 486 overdrive installed


Specs 16 sim slots. Lots
386 cpu...
has a intel overdrive

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@mrbill0 A while ago, some people over on posted a lot about Think Pascal on. This page is one of the results:

I don't know which Mac OS versions this works on exactly, though.

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