Tired of fooling with tapes. Just going to yank the 2 huge scsi disks out and image them with a sgi machine that has a scsi bus and a dvd burner. Coke is to scale.

Space is at a premium, no more big stuff ,i need to be conservative with what i pick u.......crap. penske rental time.

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Anyone know how to backyup to tape on an old unix system with tar? I have 2 tape drives but dont see /dev/tape...

Holy shit it still has a working install on it and i was able to guess the password.

Large Modcomp motorola 68000 and 88000 systems. Just picked up with all tapes and documentation. Extremely large, all lined up, bigger and hevier than the sgi crimson.

I need help finding hardware to image 9 track tape.My pdp11 drive is non operational right now. In desperare need of a 9 track drive. If anyone here knows where i can get a drive, please contact me. I have hundreds of tapes taking up space in my living room i need to image and put on archive.org.

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It took ten minutes for Brutaldon to load in iCab on the 5300, but it loaded.

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I can't get over how cute #OpenBSD's sysupgrade looks on the EeePC. 😊

I picked up another lot from the faciliry with the Modcomp computer gear. Two full hanging shelves full of source code tapes. Not sure where to put it all yet, but its in the living room to be sorted now.

Modcomp computer is as big as a fridge, in the middle of a barn on a farm. Probally going to need another big truck to get that one moved.

So i might be a little crazy, stockpiling linksys 54g wifi routers in the hopes of making a big mesh network with them all.

Ok, all the parts to build a computer keep showing up today. S100 bus wire wrap cards.

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