The time has come to retire my giant hoard of scsi hard drives and arrays. Some of these have been in use for me since high school or offline keeping spare copys of stuff safe. This all equals a couple of terabytes, but keep in mind back in school for me the average computer only had a 80 or 120 gb drive.

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This drawer has been blocked shut for the better part of a year and i forgot it was full of my stash of roms and cpu's.

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Yesterday did not find much at the , so I took a masochist decision and bought an old portable CRT for 5€.
It has RF input only, so I'm now it to add Luna, chroma and audio inputs. Here is it under test with a DTV.

Picked up this samsung crt security monitor and an old black and white camera. Capacitor or deflection issues on the monitor, lines / jitter but it still works.

Megacon soon in august!
Orlando Florida. Haven been there in forever, gonna be great!

Im real out of date on Anime, will be cool to meet people again and get reccomendations on new stuff.

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Macintosh classic CRT for sale, salvaged from a damaged mac.

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"Microsoft is also requiring a front-facing camera for all Windows 11 devices except desktop PCs from January 2023 onwards."

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Good morning everyone and goats, happy Saturday!

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hello everynyan!!

for two years i've been developing a project known as MegaGRRL. it's a portable sega genesis music player that uses the original sound chips, and plays VGM files from an SD card.

the portable version is still in development, but recently i designed a simplified, desktop version of the player, and i'm happy to announce that the schematic, PCB, firmware, and 3d print design files for MegaGRRL Desktop are now available for anyone to build.

if you're an FM synth nerd or just a fan of chiptunes, check it out!

longer demo video on youtube: page:
world wide web site:

Found this pc in the recycle pile, and it still boots to windows 95! Nice isa scsi card and combo floppy frive in it.

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