No im not wasting time, im... "Stress testing" this crt monitor and xbox 360.

All the scsi drives. Enough to fill all my storage arrays for the sgi and Vax machines.

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Anyone around here know about packet radio for use with ham radio? Ive been tackling problems getting my tower, radio and packet tnc working. Im having trouble getting my tnc connected to the radio. Its partially working. I can hear local station beacons but cant seem to transmit.

Ok, all of the dec alphas post, but the drives are failing and have red hat rather than vms installed. Anyone around know about installing vms?

I plugged this in and am very upset it does not work like the disaster buttons do in sim city.

This thing makes my old hp scope look like a boat anchor. No clue how yo run it and test it out yet.

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