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Opened up one of the A-J modems, heart in mouth, and it's... Ok? It looks fine. A little corrosion around a couple of ICs that looks old, and the exterior of the EIA port is a little crusty. This probably still works.

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Got desperate for a break so I decided to see if I could convince an old 486 system to boot. Had to yank out the hard drives and give them a bit of a nudge before they'd spin up, but they did!

Wow, remember Net Toob? The ultimate "bitcasting" solution?

Yeah, me neither.


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…huh, just got an HP Prime.

…I find myself playing with the connectivity kit, and realizing that it’s simultaneously extremely creepy (constantly monitor and control all of the calculators connected, including over wireless using a proprietary protocol) and actually really powerful with shit like pushing polls to the class (remember those Smart responder devices that Fedi bought a shit-ton of? yeah, this is meant to replace that), and chat from calculator to teacher and back. (attached screenshot of the connectivity kit with two emulators and one real calculator USB-attached)

…and I’m extremely amused by the fact that the UWP Prime app, which is limited functionality (a lot of the HP Apps missing, and no programming) for the free version, and $20 for the full-featured version, appears to be a Centennialized Win32 app on desktops. this is amusing because the actual Win32 app that HP also offers is full-featured and free. (attached screenshot of dueling emulators, the left is the UWP app, the right is the Qt-based Win32 app)

it is also interesting that the emulators (Win32, UWP (including Windows Phone), Android, and iOS) are also intended for student use, too - like, the connectivity kit has explicit support for them connecting over TCP/IP using mDNS for discovery, so you can use a tablet or similar instead of the real calculator

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Got the Apple II+ mainboard and a language card today. Replaced the game socket since some abusive lunatic shoved their shift key mod into there and ruined it. Also replaced the char gen ROM socket. Powers up and seems to work fine!

No keyboard to test it. That (along with the rest of another Apple II+) comes tomorrow.

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In equally good news, that Slinky board I bought off ebay, that had pics of a fully-populated one...

Well, it was as pictured!

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Anyone around here know any good articles about setting up a long range wifi mesh network?

Looking to set up a test network in town.

Ok, vastly underestimated the size of the pole tower. Gonna need wires to hold it up.

Found a $5 radio deal. Someone cared enough to replace the nicad battery and solder together a new one. Screen looks shot, might still be usable.

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🎉 duf v0.4.0 is out, a user-friendly alternative to 'df'!

What's new?

- Hide filesystems with --hide-fs
- Theme & styling options
- Auto-detects terminal theme
- Support for OpenBSD
- Support for Windows

Get this yummy tool here: 😋

Another year of running a booth at hamfest.

Picked up an osbourne 1, packet radio books, and a military pole tower.

Is there a minimal mastadon client out there, something i can use for text only (maybe pictures if possible) feed / low bandwith usage on minimal resource hardware?

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like you really can buy a computer for the price of a t-shirt and write software for it with relative ease now huh

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MacOS X Tiger was peak MacOS X

It seems to me that ever since Leopard, things have gotten worse in some way every release. Also, I think the obligatory yearly release it's been on has taken its toll.

Apple never had very good software quality, even when they were "Apple Computer." Becoming "Apple, Inc." didn't help any of this.

Becoming a subscription-based services company certainly bodes ill for software quality from Apple, Inc.

Van is running rough and stalling out when i let off the gas, nearly didnt make it home with a full load of batteries. Looks like making small loads back and forth all night is how im gonna spend the night. Fun fact - any more than this and the brakes no longer work .

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