mrbill0 boosted and sister project stats for November 2020:

* 49%: Chrome, Chrome Mobile
* 24%: Safari, Mobile Safari
* 5.0%: Firefox, Firefox Mobile
* 2.6%: Samsung Internet
* 2.4%: Edge
* 2.2%: Google app
* 1.8%: Chrome Mobile iOS
* 1.1%: Internet Explorer
* 0.77%: Opera

100% = 16.7 billion page views (desktop+mobile web, no apps, no bots)

Awesome find, dec pdp 11 cpu found inside xerox bus and tag mainframe printer controllers. Been salvaging the processors, plan to build up a pdp 11 qbus machine using these processors.

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This tape drive is heavier than it should be. There are 4 more to load up. . .

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Got the microvax 3100 running. VMS 7.3 installed. Halp how do i reset a admin account password to get in?

Checking out the hp systems and the vt520 terminal i picked up. Terminal looks to be good, and i get some info on the screen from the hp.

Picked up a bunch of sun machines and matching hdd arrays.

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Oh I'm going to have to get this digitised ... The world needs to know the ANU's supercomputers. They have three!

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I've managed to get a scsi 9 track tape drive running. I can now dump 9 track tapes, as well as create boot tapes for my pdp 11 and modcomp machines.

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