Transitioning machines from windows 7 to Debian around here. Slow going. Games are the only software holding me back. Debating getting windows 10 installed in a vm or something, locked down, off the network, just to run specific games. So far on my laptop, it actually runs faster and less junk in the background slowing me down.

I'M debating getting a warehouse to try and run my own small recycling / electronics surplus business from. Incorporating requires a business name. I suck at making a creative name, any name suggestions out there?

I am looking for a way to add / edit / Manage a minimal mostly text only website From a TTY terminal. Perhaps some simple flat file CMS that will let me easily add or edit pages via markdown. I have been editing raw html by hand via the editor nano, copy pasting template pages, however it seems cumbersome. Open to advice on how to keep it minimal and organized.

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After lots of troubleshooting, my 486 packard bell desktop is fixed. Corroded memory contacts and a intermittant failing hard drive was leading to random lockups. Fixed. This system is used to run my intel 8051 in circuit cpu emulator. Hoping to post videos of that working soon.

I had to disassemble two 5.25 floppy disks , clean them, and go through a stack of drives to recover critical software that makes an in circuit 8051 emulator run.

Another night of scanning books. Once this pile is done, im going to drop kick the scanner and books off a bridge. Too much paper.

PDF files of the MODCOMP related books and DOCS that I have scanned so far. Interesting real time OS and Early UNIX stuff.

Spent all day scanning all these modcomp books. All documentation on early unix stuff,etc. 1/3 of the way done. All books in the pile are scanned, uploads to bitsavers shortly.

I found this in a dumpster behind a pcb fab in town. Its a intersil 6100 trainer, the cmos pdp 8 on a chip. Despite being thrown in a dumpster, it still works. i was able to solder a usb cable on to it to supply the +5v. Might be a good little gadget for me to learn pdp8 assembly code on.

Well, the time has come. Love my job at the e scrap recycling center, but time to get a real boy job. I signed off today, and start the new job at a datacenter Monday. Probally not going to see (as) much interesting computer stuff in my feed as there is not a constant supply of it anymore, but ill probably still manage to find and post my own interesting stuff that i find.

So... more sgi systems found. This ones a rackmount onyx 4. "UltimateVision"

So. I over filled my car with ibm blades and it scraped the railroad tracks on the way home.

upon trying to load what i assume is the simulator, it just halts on a screen saying " Waiting for system init" . May need to talk to other hardware to run the simulation.

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