New years dumpster find. Recording is working, after cleanup. Playback still has issues, but should be an easy fix

Ooo forgot about these. Customer gave these to me, both need repair.

Breaking things with a slingshot in the middle of the night at the scrap pile is the better way to spend new years.

Giant clock dropped off as a pile of parts, guy said its scrap. All the screws were there...Bad 5v power supply was only putting out 1.8v... i have a giant clock now i guess.

Round 3. Picked up another pdp 11/34 and 2 more adm5 terminals.

Writing up the paperwork on monday to lease an office with 3 phase service and get the ibm machines s/360 and z systems running.

The keyboards to these ibm terminals are awesome. Solid steel, they are in bundles of 4 wrapped in plastic, im having difficulty getting them off high shelves, way too heavy. Going to be interesting to see if i can get them working connected to the ibm s/390.

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When that long-promised EMP burst bricks everyone's phone... this guy will run the numbers for you.

Spotted this on a guy's desk today.

So i picked up a truckload of terminals and need to figure out where im going to put 4 ibm mainframes once i go back.

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Batteries: the bane of the collector.
Picked up this 486 from a scrap pile in a . It's nothing special, nothing rare, but still it will make an interesting project: at least two tracks and a few vias to restore.
Because... why not?

Modcomp classic 32/85 moved. Very big and heavy, this one appears to load the microcode and firmware off 5.25 drives, if those disks are not readable, could be problematic.

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I recently picked up my second Hi-Vision LD. 👀 It’s Ursa Minor Blue (dir. Shigeru Tamura), an experimental early all-digital animated film from 1990. The liner notes detail the animation process, including the software they used!

This did not go well. Truck almost flipped. Had to dissassemble and redistribute the weight.

Idk what it is, but im keeping all the mil spec connectors. Giant variac maybe. Heavy.

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