This thing makes my old hp scope look like a boat anchor. No clue how yo run it and test it out yet.

Found groups of monitors, really wish i had the cables to fire up that jvc camera.

This was on top of the pile in the truck. Looks cool, not sure if the rest of the cabling and power supply stuff is here somewhere to fire it up.

More stuff. Sure to be some interesting stuff in here somewhere, probally going to find cool stuff as i get it all unloaded.

So I just tried to return stuff at target with a taco bell receipt. Now i need to return with the correct receipt another time when a different clerk is there so I don't look like a dumbass twice.

Did i mention awesome stuff gets dropped off at my job? jackpot.

Uhhhh i gotta figure out how im going to ship this thing now.

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Finally getting the IBM as 400 running. Someone actually drove over here to show me how to set it up months ago, its kinda like I've forgotten it all already. . .

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