I've finished a prototype for , if you'd like to try it (and give me feedback), it's available at mr-oova.itch.io/cult

It's played inside your emulator.

Thank you @Cheeseness for organizing the Jam, reviewing my game, and for inspiration to join in 🙂

If I were to recommend one thing to see in , it would have been . I’m deliberately not posting anything from the inside, as to not spoil anything. All I can say it was one of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen. Half a bottle of champagne may have had something to do with it…

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Unfortunately was packed! Before you say anything, the photo was taken before the park was open to non-hotel guests. Anyways, the amount of people made looong queues. Like 50 minutes of waiting time long, which made it unbearable for our daughter. So honestly, if you are planning to visit … leave your kid/s at home!

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I’ve been to for the first time when I was 12 years old. Now I’m back over 20 years later… What has changed? Since I was brought up on Disney movies I still appreciate the characters, the setting, the stories. However, the rides somehow got smaller… 😅

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Look what else I’ve found in the Turns out ancient Egyptians were playing before anyone else!

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Yesterday I went to the to take an “obligatory” photo with I wonder why this small painting (very small compared to others in the room) is “the” thing that people go to see. There are so many incredible works of art. Why this one?!

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Looks like tower information system doesn’t work when internet goes down 🤷‍♂️

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First rule of working remotely. You have to start your day the right way 🧉.

Well this is a sad day. just admitted to manipulating search results based on what they think is "right".

I'm Polish, all up for , believe me. However this kind of "political adjustments" of search results make me very mad.

Anyone can recommend alternatives to ?

@claudiom Thank you for reminding me to play . Currently playing or rather by John Romero. I recommend the paid version, because Buckethead music is incredible, and well worth it 🤘

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