@jonn I had to checkout source code to confirm this, and apparently you can trade "poketes" with people on your local network. So cool 🤩

@jonn Never used yggdrasil, but it looks interesting. I assume we would have to connect to the same public peer? Is there anything else to configure?

@mr_oova I don't think pokete listens to ygg yet. I don't have time to check. It would be cool to have PvP though )

@mr_oova Oh wow, Agrawos is a really disturbing city. Damn meat-eaters.

@jonn Dang! I didn't get there yet, but the meat thing probably relates to the old unanswered question about Pokemon universe: "Where does the meat come from" 😂

@mr_oova I've suggested a vegan ending to the author, we'll see if it's gonna get adopted.

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