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Shameless(?) self(?) promotion for a good cause 

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I guess I should do an toot.

HI! I've been fiddling with code since I was very young, when my mother signed me up for a CompSci summer camp at the local community college. I learned BASIC there. It's been about 20 years since then and I graduated, learned Java and C# (the latter mostly through Unity), and take part in game jams. I start projects a lot and never finish them. And my Unity projects pretty much never get past having programmer art.
I'm a gamer, as well, and I love .

It will always amuse me that my phone can understand me asking to play the newest King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard album, but not the newest Cake album. One of those has more potential for error, and I don't think it's the dessert.

Actual final announcement:
Wait, is this an updated Link's Awakening?
IT IS! Wow... that'll be cool. Link's completely chibi and 3D and it's strange but I'm excited.

And their "One More Thing"... I some weird post-apocalyptic crazy fighting game. Looks very Platinum Games.
Yep. Hideki Kamiya involved. It's Platinum. Astral Chain. Looks awesome.

And now a sizzle reel of other third party games. MK10, Assassin's Creed, FF7, FF9 (AVAILABLE TODAY!)... cool stuff.

Ooo... Hellblade, Senuna's Sacrifice coming to Switch in the spring. GIMME! (I'll have a job by then.)

Never played the GRID racing series, but I'm glad a game is coming to the Switch. All DLC included, too. Hello, GRID Autosports.

DAEMON X MACHINA! Demo coming today, not like I wasn't already sold on this anyway because I'm from NJ and I DIG GIANT ROBOTS!

...Wait, it's still just "chapter 1"? Is there actually going to be more or not?

Dear god, that joke about a Tetris Battle Royale has become real. WHY?!?!
At least it's free to download.

You can probably freely reclass any character, with a bit of work. They showed a character being able to take any "recertification exam", but they need to pass the test to reclass.
New Fire Emblem game releases July 26. Cool. I'm excited.

Big update on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Let's see what this is about...
Big delve into the world and the three empires. (It's in the name.)
You play a merc and get to create your character again. Mysterious girl talks to you in in your mind.
Probably a lot more anime cutscenes...
You can align yourself with one house in the academy you teach, and each house represents one empire.

Nintendo now hyping Yoshi's Crafted World, because why wouldn't they? Does look cute, though. (Is my vocabulary that bad?)

Oninaki... a thing from Tokyo RPG Factory... looks pretty, but I haven't had a good track record with their games. Still, might be worth checking out.

New Rune Factory. I hear the series is a lot like vintage Harvest Moon. Never touched it, though. I'm happy with Stardew Valley.

I swear, this Star Link thing seems like the Star Fox game we've been asking for.
...Wait, the game is out?

DQ12 (is it 12?) looks fancy. Glad they're keeping the whole "monsters are visible on the map" thing from 10, but still keeping the combat turn-based.
Also, optional pixel-graphics, if you don't want the pretty 3D models. So, that's sweet, and a nice nod to their roots.

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