Jenkins help! 

Started over fresh (again) using jest for testing and was actually able to get much farther along in testing than ever before!

So it looks like I've got it finally figured out. Wheeeeeew!

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Trying to get vue testing with vuetify working is an excellent way to show how crazy it is being a dev who deals with javascript right now.

Everything is broken from the top to the bottom to all the tools in the middle. Webpack, mocha, jest, vuetify, vue.. literally every package appears to be at fault.

This is nuts!

I don't want to keep running without vue tests, but it looks like I just don't have any other option.

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PSA: Don't let your web serve serve your .env files. Please!
Just write "DB_USERNAME filetype:env" in @google search and take a cup of coffee :D Enjoy :D @laravel env files publically exposed in the browser.

Placing env files on root is not a good idea :D

#php #laravel

I've been working on implementing laravel-echo-server at work, and this just dropped today.

I am definitely going to try it out!

Sending regards to an ex-employer 

Successfully avoided bidding in a silent auction for a Lenovo laptop from 2013.

You'd think that wouldn't require a lot of self control, but you'd be wrong 😬

(I deliberately left my computer somewhere where I couldn't get to it to be able to bid. Take that, self control!)

Spent the last few hours throwing away the past few days' worth of work.

Nothing like going down the wrong path over and over to finally realize the simple solution. Feels good and bad at the same time.

@willimac @PatrickBateman Sorry for not responding sooner!

There are tons of differences between teams and slack. Bots for teams only talk to microsoft's bot framework. The whole back-end is sharepoint.

The integrated calls/screen sharing is nice, but it feels like they just took sharepoint and made it into a chat platform.

Their philosophies on how to communicate are entirely different.

I could talk for a long time about it. Slack isn't perfect, but Teams is *so wrong* in so much of its design.

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In case you didn't know, Yoda's last name is 

@david aren't these are being merged into Microsoft Teams?

I think we're both right!

Public service: This is your periodic reminder that Microsoft Teams is the worst chat product. 📢

I only heard about this morning. Am I out of the loop?

Macos Mojave 

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wtfnode is _awesome_! it wraps a js script and then tells you what event handlers were left dangling that caused nodejs to hang and never exit

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hands are cold? using a laptop?

docker prune -af

hands are now nice and toasty.

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QWOP Cosplay:

I guess this is five years old but I hadn't seen it before! So fun.

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