Public service: This is your periodic reminder that Microsoft Teams is the worst chat product. 📢

@mostlycoolmark tell that to the IT department that sees it as a simple add on to office 365 over trying to get buy in on slack

@PatrickBateman @mostlycoolmark my work is talking about turning on Teams for everyone. In your opinion, what are the major differences from Slack?

@willimac @PatrickBateman Sorry for not responding sooner!

There are tons of differences between teams and slack. Bots for teams only talk to microsoft's bot framework. The whole back-end is sharepoint.

The integrated calls/screen sharing is nice, but it feels like they just took sharepoint and made it into a chat platform.

Their philosophies on how to communicate are entirely different.

I could talk for a long time about it. Slack isn't perfect, but Teams is *so wrong* in so much of its design.

@mostlycoolmark If you have the time, I’d appreciate hearing more about the differences. Rant away!

Have you come across any usage data? Of course MS site claims a huge user base but I question if that is businesses unaware they have Teams included in 365 sub or active usage of the tool.

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