Reading some github copilot discourse and trying to decide if the thoughts & feelings I have about it are Upton-Sinclair-flavored based on my salary. Also shiny toy. Also I think it is the thin edge of the wedge of future ML trends and not a flash-in-pan like "web3"

I would feel a lot less conflicted about these ML tools if they were way more legible. Like, give me a sidepane annotating the sources from which a suggestion was derived.

Then, I could make a better decision about context. Like, when I google for an algorithm, I can see in the surrounding page whether this is a pretty common construct or whether I'm about to copy/paste from significantly complex code tainted by Oracle.


@lmorchard I'm wondering when the first lawsuit will come. "Can't blame me for this code that caused someone's death, the AI wrote it."

@mossop Yeah, I'd like to see that kind of lawsuit and would hope they lose horribly.

A big thing I'm taking from all this is that the system has no agency. It's generating predictive text from my input and it's up to me whether or not to accept it.

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