Taking a step back, and carefully considering what I want morii to be. How it can and how it should shape how people interact with it.

I don't want morii to be a platform that encourages people to scroll through a feed without intention. I want it to be a platform that celebrates and encourages thoughtful interaction, not engagement.

I don't know how I'm going to get to that (admittedly lofty) goal, or how long it'll take to get there. I hope that you'll stick around. If we can get there together, I believe the final result will be something amazing.

@morii the key: positive reactions and community engagement.

@morii so open an university, and watch it slowly decay into a platform that celebrates and encourages scholarships sluts. Social media are places where people go to procrastinate, not to be thoughtful (or not for long). Any nice place decays once the critical mass is reached. Because the critical mass is made of meat sacks held by bones, animals. So your dream won't last. Facebook was a nice place to be in 2007…

@aurelienpierre My hope is that designing _against_ behaviors created by profit-focused social media, it might be possible to make something that at least incentivizes more careful interaction. If it isn't, then at least I will have tried. :)

@morii profit-focused media are merely giving users what they want because they thrive on popularity to survive #myspace. More careful interactions happen IRL if they ever happen. I think the whole concept of instant digital interactions is inherantly bad, people who have things to say write blogs. Careful needs time, who even takes time to proof-read social media posts ?

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