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Hello fediverse! This is the official Mastodon account for morii: an Android and iOS app for @pixelfed. The app isn't anywhere near release stage yet, so this account will pretty much be dev notes and feedback requests.

You can also find morii at

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I'll likely create a Patreon to support app development once I'm closer to an alpha/beta release, but in the mean time I've created a ko-fi if you'd like to support me while I'm working on the pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha. Thank you all so much for your support, financial and otherwise!

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The name of the app comes from this lovely video from Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

My goal for this project is to create an app that gets out of your way so you can capture those fleeting moments, and appreciate those captured by others in the fediverse.

And as always, if y'all have feedback about the stuff I'm working on and sharing here, I'd love to hear it! Positive constructive feedback is just as helpful as negative constructive feedback. :)

And here's some initial UI experiments with the new fonts and colors. Still a WIP!

I'm experimenting with adding some splashes of color to the morii interface to make it more unique and fun. Here's some of the styles I'm playing with. :)

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Writing documentation and then jumping back into AP. :pixelfed:

I'm playing around with the branding for morii right now, and I'm curious - what do you all think about the current morii logo? What do you like about it? What do you think could be better? What does it evoke for you?

(boosts appreciated, I'd love to get a bunch of feedback!)

Also pic_pub is using Flutter too, so there's lots of opportunities for our projects to contribute to each other :D

I'm really excited that there are multiple apps in development for PixelFed and Anfora; having multiple projects in the space means I can be laser-focused on making sure morii lives up to its mission statement.

If you're following morii development, you should also checkout @crushv's pic_pub, another photo-centric app for Mastodon/PixelFed/Anfora!

Additionally, once there's a pixelfed/anfora API, I can put out a real proof of concept that works with an actual instance. At that point, I'll feel comfortable enough to start crowdfunding development of morii. I don't like supporting vaporware projects, and I want to make sure folks know morii isn't vaporware before they start supporting its development :)

Hi folks! Just wanted to give a quick update on where I'm at with morii development. I've decided to hold off on building more of the app until the pixelfed/anfora APIs are able to be tested with in production. I did this for a couple reasons, but mostly I'm shallow and I'm way more motivated to build things if I can get tangible progress towards my goal as I'm working :)

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08/17 will be the start of pixelfed season. I hope you are ready 😉


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The screenshot I shared last night is basically just a different UI, like TweetDeck. Pixelfed will not start tracking behaviour via analytics, I should have made that more clear.

(Please note that this is not a request for free design work! I can't afford to commission anyone right now, so I'm willing to do the design work for this. Just wanted to see if people knew of good+open logo fonts offhand.)

I'm looking to create a wordmark for morii to go along with the logo; if you know of any open fonts you particularly like or think would make good wordmarks, I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks for all the input, everyone! I'm tracking feature requests from y'all in if you'd like to follow along. :)

Had some time on a flight, so I built out some API entity models for morii. Not terribly exciting, but it'll help speed up implementing various views in the app!

Took a little break from morii development (because I'm dreading writing the parser for captions haha), but I should be back to regularish dev updates soon™.

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@zinat is a similar project to pixelfed, written in python by @yabirgb. We have worked together and as a result our APIs will be compatible!

A zinat mobile app will work with a pixelfed instance and vice versa! #federation #activitypub #zinat

Studying Instagram's UI to improve it and adapt it for morii. No screenshots tonight, but here's a nice annotated sketch :)

Having a semi-working prototype is great because now I'm hypermotivated to work on the app so I can enjoy using it more 😁