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Nancy Grace Roman, known as the "Mother of Hubble" for her role in making the Hubble Space Telescope, fought to earn her place in a field dominated by men –– paving the path for future female scientists.

She died on Dec. 25 at 93.

How to do over do it: using Python on GAE to serve static HTML built by Hugo.

Gah! Are Python programmers the new Perl script kiddies?

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50 Years On, We're Living the Reality First Shown At the 'Mother of All Demos'

So I’m running through some VueJS tutorials and thinking it looks easier than Angular. But I couldn’t figure out why cuz Vue is inspired by Angular and seems to have a lot of the same concepts. Then it hit me, Vue is Angular without dependency injection. I am becoming more convinced that DI is a software development concept that should die.

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It's very much not polished or documented yet, but I've built a thing to let you visualise persistent terminal processes as Matrix-style code rain.


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RT @tully_j@twitter.com: @SenGillibrand@twitter.com You should try reading the #2A Kiki it is easy to understand even for a simpleton like you.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/tully_j/status/106

I dropped my iPhone X yesterday and the screen quit working. I took it to the Apple store, which was completely packed being the day before Thanksgiving.

2.5 hours later I walked out with a fixed iPhone, free of charge. I had not expected that.

Does anybody use those cli component tests? They seem much, much more trouble than they are worth.

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"I’m happy to announce that @Purism agreed to sponsor my work on [@Matrix.org client] Fractal... I will polish the room history and drastically improve the UX/UI... I will also clean up and refactor the current code." blogs.gnome.org/jsparber/2018/

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Score! My company gives employees old laptops as a benefit.

I managed to get two very serviceable ThinkPad W520s, one a generation apart from the other.

Core i7 quad @ 2.4 with 16gb, the other a Core i7 quad @2.2 with 8gb. One has busted HDD. Both are gonna get SSD upgrades for about $70 per.

Great Linux platforms.

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We have a large web project at work that involves taking existing web pages and converting them to Bootstrap and Angular. For months I've been calling this "bootstrangling".

Now some of the developers have simply started to refer to the whole endeavor as BS.

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There has never been a better time to play with Linux. Almost any major release is highly usable.

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North Virginia -- Big news from the fictional state of North Virginia as some candidates break away with strong & decisive leads in exit polling.

At this time Jackdaw_News can announce that North Virginia has elected its first Cube governor.

Winners have been declared in the following races...

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