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"Actually, it's only Agile if it comes from the Agile region of France. Otherwise it's just [bad] Project Management with fancy names for meetings."
-- @nickfarr
😂 👍

With all the spotlight on #SwiftUI, the changes introduced this #WWDC19 to #UICollectionView could easily go unnoticed, but they are *huge*.

Really impressed about the possibilities of diffable data sources and composable layout.

Certain iOS projects seem to dislike UIKit SOOO much, they try to abstract everything away behind pods without ever bothering to learn the basics.

Friend: “what’s your favorite sorting algorithm?”
Me: “Hungarian folk dance.”
Friend: “um...”

(Yes this video is old, but it’s a classic don’t @ me)

Coming to our talk? Accessibility Lessons! #Accessibility #WWDC19

So excited to share some great ways to make your apps more accessible!!

Just found this awesome WWDC app for macOS that's pretty much like the iOS one. Can't wait to watch the #WWDC19 keynote from it!

@monkeydom hi eine App Empfehlung zum erstellen von QR Codes —> Qrafter - QR-Code von Kerem Erkan

Disappointed that Ghost created a custom posting API instead of adopting Micropub, which is a W3C recommendation. It’s okay to have Ghost-only APIs as long as you start with standards as a baseline. Now we have fragmented client apps.

Es gibt keinen Grund am Sonntag nicht wählen zu gehen - Ein Statement von 80+ Youtubern

There's a good photo of one of our playdate test benches in this Oregonian article. The cart covered in devices is a copy of our "runin" station at the factory. We plug lots of devices in and run them a couple of hours monitoring the battery drain and other things.

if y'all don't think panic x teenage engineering is the greatest possible collab ever, i don't know what to tell you

✨ Herzlichen Glückwunsch 🎉 @monkeydom und! „Wenn Riesen reisen“ macht sich auf den Weg zu euch. Schreibt mir eine DM, an welche Adressen ich die Bücher schicken kann. 🌟 An alle anderen: das war nicht das letzte Mal. Versprochen.

🌟 Ich hab noch 2 Bücher zu verschenken: „Wenn Riesen reisen“, meine neue Sammlung kleiner Gutenachtgeschichten.

Unter allen Retweets suche ich die Glücklichen aus. 🚶‍♂️

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