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@monkeydom Everyone forgets about Objective Apple these days.

I predict these Apple service tiers:
- Apple
- Apple+
- Apple++
- Apple Swift

if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

Russian artist Svetlana Petrova decided to add her big ginger cat to some iconic portraits and masterpieces #womensart


Tonight's creature doodles. Just a bit of fu to work the ol' drawing muscles, but I did learn some things:

1. I don't know if elephant seals want to wear fezzes. I only know that they should.
2. I may need to apologize to Gavins in general, but that warty lil frog thing just looks like a Gavin, dammit.
3. A Hedgehogtopus is difficult to draw. Which is why there isn't one on the page.

#arttoot #doodles #drawing #mastoart #creatures

I love this video from WordPress. Very similar in style to what I always imagined we could do for

masons move stones from place to place. players can't directly destroy or move walls, but level generation is somewhat malleable and imperfect because masons are destructible.

Presenting: The Wikidata Card Game Generator! It uses @wikidata, the free and open knowledge base, to generate fact cards on arbitrary topics, like metro systems, planets, or hackerspaces. Made with @Bleeptrack at the @verschwoerhaus last month. ✨

I'm late to the game, but very much enjoyed this excellent Metroidvania specimen on the Switch:

Life imitates art: A few years ago, our theater group c-atre did a sci-fi play on a dystopian future copyright regime.

Yesterday, one of our actors wearing his costume from that play was stopped by the police and had his costume confiscated — at a protest against the EU copyright reform.

i love the way this text looks. i reduced the size of a screenshot (to reclaim some art lost to a crash) and this title bar came along for the ride. the chromatic antialiasing is so nice run through a nearest neighbor reduction.


None of these cats exist...

After finding out about #StyleGAN at last week we gave it a crack using the LSUN Cat dataset and generated well over 30k cats. #ai

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