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Account registrations on m.t have been temporarily closed on the advice of other admins who are seeing an influx of spam accounts. Users are still free to send invitation links.

some of the original notes on Conway's game of life, written out on a typewriter. they are so beautiful and endearing.

Since there's a lot of new people, here's a primer:

This is, hosted by me. We have a code of conduct: isn't the only Mastodon server. There are interest and region-specific servers with varying rules. Browse all servers:

To learn more about how that works:

First steps with Mastodon:

Registrations on closed for the time being.

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Seen examples of this on friends XS on low light Photos, in which the same picture taken on iPhone X has less brightness, but better detail and look.

Morning gang! I've published a new release of SuperTinyIcons.
A collection of SVG logos - each one is UNDER 1024 bytes!
Vectors, so they can be resized with no loss of quality. Tiny, because every byte counts. Open source, because I love you 😍

What not to put in a rfc or any standard: optional features that are not required to work and have no clear benefit, so everyone has to do the fallback anyways.

(The rel param in webfinger would have better been left out)

#GitLab erhält 100 Mio. US-Dollar Kapital - Pro-Linux

Das Unternehmen GitLab, das mit seinem gleichnamigen Projekthosting-System unter anderem mit #Github konkurriert, hat weitere 100 Mio. US-Dollar Kapital von einer Gruppe von Investoren, darunter...

This week, more or less, is the 40th anniversary of my first UNIX mail account, on UNIX C at UC Berkeley.

Hi I’d like to add you to my amateur network on Mastodon

I hate UDP jokes so much.

Half the time, I just don’t get it.

Fun fact: AirPods don’t charge with a usb-c to lightning cable on non apple chargers.

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