Good morning mastodon, where do you fall on the chart today?

Since someone here mentioned it, I want to look at again because unlike git it has built-in functionality for distributing issues, wiki articles and forum posts.

The only unfortunate thing about it is that it looks a bit like mailman, but maybe a little CSS can fix that. Other than that, I see nothing wrong with static HTML. Not sure if other people are willing to give up on github-style eye-candy, but maybe that can also be added, besides, I mostly mess around alone.

finally, we can create brand new emotions
Ever had trouble finding just the right emoji to accurately convey your feelings? Presenting 👉 👈

@johl agree with the birdsite part for reachability. regarding if x or y is appreciated, i mostly find the many thoughts on artificial self-censoring a bit weird in here. i consider to be following people for whatever their output is, be it funny, stupid, informative or conference-broadcasting. unlisted posting would always be an option to please those who see the local timeline as something to keep clean.

Okay, here goes. This isn't something I would normally do, ever. It's taking quite a bit of courage to disclose this. I really do believe we need a lot more transparency with this stuff.

Here are my figures (units and sales) for my two best apps over the duration of the past month. Well, Mast has only been out for two weeks. Both apps were made in under 3 weeks, and both were featured (hence the high impressions count).

The apps are Cosmicast and Mast:

Omg, the wonderful Gregory Koberger implemented StackSort, and it is beautiful.

Hyper unveils the first iPad Pro USB-C hub with HDMI, USB-A, headphone jack, SD slot, more by @michaelpotuck

americans are asleep. make posts with reasonable date formats and units of measurement

🤠 Tile Those Rounded Corners You Blurry Gap!

A GUI fashion parody.

/ UI (DE: ):🐧

Kann mich nicht entscheiden: Zu #Halloween lieber als Friedrich Merz oder Jens Spahn mit Anstecker "CDU-Vorsitzender" gehen?

Es ist soweit!

"#Mastodon und Haftung für dezentrale Netzwerke – #Rechtsbelehrung Folge 60" 🐘🎧 Malte Engeler (u.a. von @DeathMetalMods) & geben Tipps für Instanzbetreiber und blicken rechtlich in die Zukunft der Online-Kommunikation, während ich versuche das Ganze zu er- und hinterfragen. #podcast #dsgvo #tmg #tkg #overTheTop

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