if you're having a bad day please enjoy this sick picture of animals doing yoga: a thread

worm shape and color changes with the new system for color genes

@monkeydom @mancifbier I thought his visualisations were really good, then I found he wrote his own animation engine for these videos (github.com/3b1b/manim)

Gut, dass @dieMaus@twitter.com Spanisch kann. Wir sind nicht lange unter dem Kokosnussbaum stehen geblieben.

This is the most San Francisco thing ever 😐😶

RT @jina@twitter.com

I'm at the @SlackHQ@twitter.com 5yr anniversary party and their are random hands appearing out of a wall holding drinks.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jina/status/109192

3Blue1Brown is such a lovely YouTube Channel. Wish I had this kind of quality interesting material while I still was at school.


Fantastically useful modal dialogs on all my devices, mac and iOS alike, only the one on iOS doesn’t have the do not show this message again checkbox :P

There's a new #XMPP command-line tool in town: crates.io/crates/sendxmpp

This would be the first crate that makes use of my tokio-xmpp. (tokio is async I/O for #Rustlang)

Yeah - here in Germany we call the recurring brands in podcasts not by their name, but just prefix them with podcast. E.g. the podcast-mattress, or the podcast-picture-service.


Creepy things for 500: Resetting the iCloud data for a vital but not much used AppleID (because of having forgotten the initial password for the mac it was created on) and having the mac's preference pane that triggered it show a indeterminate spinner that behaves erraticaly for over 10 minutes now…

Sandboxed apps and AppleScript seems to be quite a pain nowadays. The new restrictions in Mojave don't give much options to talk to other apps, either because the behaviour is weird, or the target apps don't support the new acces-group scheme.

That custom emoji thing is quite disturbing to me.

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