The Moneroversary is tomorrow! We have awesome events starting @ 15 UTC including various participants from the community!



"Are you a designer/illustrator that wants to help FOSS projects, but you're not sure how?

We are opening up a way for anyone to create designs for Cypher Market (and get paid). Every purchase means a donation going to the FOSS project on the merch." -Cypher Market

"Buckle up ladies. The Monero Moon (Issue 10) is now available for your reading pleasure. It's better than s..." -John Foss

@monero $xmr

Sarang Noether from the Monero Research Lab ran a workshop at the and Open (BOB) Chicago MeetUp on Thursday. Watch the recording here:

"Check out our new Guerrilla Marketing Toolkit for the @monero community. Are you an Ambassador, Advocate, or Activist? " -Monero Outreach Workgroup

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