(osm nickname) ubahnverleih ...

🇩🇪 ...hat seine schöne unterkunftskarte abgestellt :-/ kennst du eine, die hotels, motels, ferienwohnungen usw mit wlan und anderen zusätzen anzeigen kann?
*OSMand* zählt nicht, das ist auch keine map, sondern eine app.

🇺🇸 has turned off its beautiful accommodation map :-/ do you know of one that can show hotels, motels, holiday homes etc with wifi and other add-ons?
*OSMand* doesn't count, it's not a map but an app.

is down

@mondstern You could possible do it with Overpass Turbo, it has a way to style data. I think uMap might be able to do something?

Both map web maps

@rory With umap, however, I first have to copy all the data again myself, so I have to do everything twice.
that's ok for one place, but not for germany.

@mondstern I haven't properly looked at umap, I thought it could pull data from overpass?

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