in @fdroidorg enter in the search field --> codeberg <-- and lo and behold, (at least) these 4 are available at




only I have not yet painted

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@mondstern I find one more app using version 1.10 of the "official" #fdroid app. But #TinyWeatherForecastGermany by @Billie is missing. I also tried the search of the website, but it does not find anything for "codeberg". 🤔

@nause_marc @mondstern

Just tried, searching the web page ( gives even 0 results.

Thesis: the app searches the app description texts, where you need to mention "codeberg" to pop up.

However, this is not the place to put the repo homepage, because there is an extra field for this in the app metadata.

Obviously, this field is not part of the search.

Conclusion: searching for "codeberg" in the app is not suitable to get reliable data on project hosting.

@mondstern @nause_marc

Yes, but this is not suitable either to find out where the app project is hosted.

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