🇩🇪 ich war einer derjenigen, die ins deutsche übersetzt haben und da hat der programmierer @vishnuraghavb mich in der app verlinkt und führt zu meinem codeberg account. Ihm lieben dank.

🇱🇷 I was one of those who translated into german and the programmer @vishnuraghavb linked me in the app and leads to my codeberg account. Many thanks to him.

@mondstern @codeberg
You are welcome! Thank you for your contribution and support :)

@vishnuraghavb @codeberg

@mondstern your reply sounded a bit passive-aggressive to my ears. There is no need for that.

In any case, this was not indicated in the original post and I was not in the mood to try to guess where it could be. Just guessed it was FLOSS already, because of the about screen.
So this was just a curious question where I may get this app, no need to ask rhetorical questions.

@codeberg @mondstern

thanks @vishnuraghavb for your answer. Is there any plan to bring it into the official F-Droid repo?

@rugk @codeberg @mondstern You are welcome! I've already requested @IzzyOnDroid about the inclusion to the main repo. I don't know how things work to push it to the main repo but It seems that it'll take more time.

@vishnuraghavb @rugk

this has to go through many cycles and you should be waiting. wrote you izzy

@mondstern Yes I do understand. Eagerly waiting for the day EnRecipes gets released on the main @fdroidorg repo

@vishnuraghavb @codeberg @IzzyOnDroid thanks! To track this, I always prefer to have proper issues in a ticket system, so opened an issue for you:

@rugk You are a bit late to the party.The issue on RFP was opened by @vishnuraghavb a month ago already 🤣

@rugk @codeberg @vishnuraghavb

dann weisst du doch auch das es andere repos gibt?

gibts bei izzy, schonmal gehört? gelesen?

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