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Since 10 July 2020, I have completed 13,000 on @Bubu instance.

Just as an aside: on 8 July 2021, I had completed 12,000 translations.

So I've done 1000 translations in the last 4 weeks. That's a proud number

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Als ich gestern wieder in meinem Lieblings-Cafe war, fragte mich der Inhaber, ob es schon eine weitere @fdroidorg und @codeberg Ausstellung von mir gäbe. Wenn es wieder eine gibt, möchte er gerne wieder viele Flyer auslegen, so wie letztes Jahr.

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What makes awesome in your opinion? Tell us and your friends.

Kennt jemand "Günter Wallraff: Schwarz auf Weiß" - so ähnlich kam ich mir heute vor.
Ausser zwischen 10 und 14.30. aber vorher und nachher.

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translated in 9 languages

The project development has been paused for an unknown period of time.

Sounds like the development has been completely stopped.

so not for an indefinite period, but rather completely.


@twann you know this for sure ;) i'll paint the logo in about 10 hours. half an A is already finished. it'll take a while until it's finished.

these apps i must paint in october:

Friendica Enrecipes monocles chat,+social Turtl simple time tracker Opmt organic maps maps geobookmark improvement roll gps videologger fluffyboard fast shopping fdroid nearby, cinpmeter

after that i will start develop version 9.

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