Attending conference one can observe that content (history) and duration has sometimes a strong correlational with the age of the (keynote-) speecher. 😎

One gadget which was not presented during the last 🍎 WWDC 2019 event by was this nice iwac.

My (our) motivation to do some fitness exercises has a huge range over the year. 😎

Celebrating the 'right' birthdays is depending just on the point of view 😎

If the power of your 'small' laptop/notebook is not sufficient this might be a solution. 😎

The dilemma of privacy....

Always keep the neighbor out of your house but let Google, Facebook, Apple (and NSA, FBI, and...) in your house by using their smart tools....
Remember: there is no free lunch!

Are you sure that you get what you want? Maybe one receives only a light version from the internet (or even info?)

New technology demands a new view on the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Everything has changed...

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