This is not only a problem with
I assume that not only is scanned. What is with ! The company not also known for their gorgeous spy system
And remember that this scanning is taken place on the other huge platforms ( ..).

With the new blow-out of personal data from we see uses .
A few points of thought:
* Do not trust any company which claims that is in their system!
* if CEO trust more than his () => point for
* If checking the phone number reveals the use of a tool => no good news!
Sum up => get ride of any numbers as an
* And: all internet users us . Let's give a try. Update the protokcoll!

Have a comparison with and the way of and its way of development.
If you appreciate it or not many -s are going this way. 😞
I'm sure that is working also on this topic...

Fine. ha updated their code on . Now the proof has to be done that this code also running and no fake!

Nice. The focus of the community should be to find a solution where all persons are present =>
- ( ...)
- no 'walled garden' => open standard => everybody can host a node
- not linked to any phone number ( ...)
- no information should be stored in the cloud (even not in a )

There is another messenger on its way using blockchain (

@delta (2/2)
* Another topic: A friend had once DeltaChat installed, keys had been exchanged, and therefore secure communication has been established. Great! However, this friend has uninstalled the App and now I'm facing the problem that my DeltaCHat still sends out encrypted emails to him. How to force DeltaChat to try to update his status (maybe by re-exchanging keys and after a specific period set his status to 'no encryption').

Keep on working on this great tool

@delta (1/2)
Dear DeltaChat team, πŸ‘ for your great work. Using existing infrastructure to improve communication is great. Also to include persons which to not have the DC messenger is great. However, I have 2 comments:
1. Forming groups in DC and then reforming it (removing one!) causes an avalanche of emails. On one side I can understand this, but I have it looks like that they are send out to all group members, even to members without DC. This is annoying as it causes some 'noise'.

Want to estimate the number of toilet paper rolls you need to survive the quarantine:
Give it a try:
Please do not overestimate your consumption as there are also other persons around who needs this stuff...

Hi, will someone jump in for a better check of this app? A rough look into the apk shows plenty of configs for Play Services and some for .

Attending conference one can observe that content (history) and duration has sometimes a strong correlational with the age of the (keynote-) speecher. 😎

One gadget which was not presented during the last 🍎 WWDC 2019 event by was this nice iwac.

My (our) motivation to do some fitness exercises has a huge range over the year. 😎

Celebrating the 'right' birthdays is depending just on the point of view 😎

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The for running code from a repo with zero documentation
@OTheB βœ… Issue closed. should be good now.

If the power of your 'small' laptop/notebook is not sufficient this might be a solution. 😎

The dilemma of privacy....

Always keep the neighbor out of your house but let Google, Facebook, Apple (and NSA, FBI, and...) in your house by using their smart tools....
Remember: there is no free lunch!

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