Update: managed to remember my umbrella (just barely) but forgot to put on appropriate footwear 🤦‍♀️

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Trying to remember the last time it rained enough in Arizona for me to bother taking my umbrella out with me.

Friends, I think today is that day thanks to Hurricane Rosa.

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Hilarity from the 7 migration: unexpected fun with json_encode() and floating point precision!

(In 7.1, json_encode() started using the serialize_precision setting instead of the precision setting for floating point output. precision default is 14; serialize_precision default is 17. 17 is apparently long enough to display how bad computers are at decimals.)

I'm annoyed that someone is sitting outside of our office playing music without headphones on (rude)... but I also kind of want to know the name of the song that's currently playing! So torn

It was beautiful yesterday in Sedona, even if it was a bit too hot outside

Saturday morning seems like a good time for a road trip. I've yet to find any vortexes in Sedona but maybe this time I will!

It's ! My playlist today started off with Pinball Wizard, but even power ballads don't seem to be doing the trick today. Now accepting suggestions for music to to.

I've discovered how to make emoji text banners. I'm sorry in advance to anyone in the Slack channels that I frequent

Obligatory "Hello world!" post to get started ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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