Had to take a break from regular bike riding for a few personal reasons. Kind of bummed about it, but I know this is only temporary

@mastobikes Anyone has any tips on how to mount a Garmin Varia to a bike with a rear rack/bag? That's the one thing that I still need to figure out for my bike commute setup to be completed 🚲

@Pepijn @yetiinabox @mastobikes I love this. Commuting feels like vacation when it’s via bike 😁

Bike rack and bag installed for use in my work commutes and errands around town. I already used this setup to run some errands on the weekend and I'm very pleased ☺️

I use Ubuntu on my machines at home, but I also have been using the same drip coffee maker for over a decade 🙂

Kind of bummed that I won't be able to bike to work tomorrow due to the never ending rain this week. I may end up coming in to work on Friday just so I can ride my bike 😎

Rode my bike for the first time to work today. Great experience, but it could be better. I need to get a bike rack to hold my stuff. Its no fun riding with a heavy backpack full of clothes, my lunch and my work laptop...

If politicians, or anyone really, believed #TikTok executives when they said China wasn’t accessing private U.S. user data stored on U.S. servers, I have a bridge to sell you. Wait, multiple bridges. I have a gaggle of bridges to sell you.

Got a new work laptop today (MacBook Air M1), amazed at how small, thin and fast it is. Hopefully this one lasts for a while, and doesn't develop random Bluetooth bugs 🫤

Hey #Chicago there’s an Extreme Heat and Humidity Advisory in effect from today to Wed evening. This shit’s no joke, stay indoors as much as possible, drink all the fluids, etc. Be careful out there.

Work MacBook Pro bit the dust today, only a few months after AppleCare expired, coincidence?

With gas close to $6/gallon, I've decided to finally make regular to work a reality. Will need to ensure I have enough time to get to the office in the morning, shower, and get ready before my morning meetings start at 8am. Wish me luck...

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