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Took some Instax photos last night. Still getting the hang of it. I love feeling the click of the shutter and hearing the white of the gears inside. It's mechanical magic.

Strictly analogue: Polaroid's past, present and future - a photo essay

I've really gotten into instant and vintage photography lately (miss my old SLR camera and developing film by hand). I may need to get myself a new Polaroid camera to go with my Instax.

Oh hey, thanks Mastodon, for reminding me that the Apple event is on. 😄

I swear, when I was a kid I had no trouble swallowing pills. As an adult, though... In 10 years I'm going to need someone to hide my pills in cheese, because my throat just rejects them.

Watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, they're making stroopwafels, and now I'm dying for stroopwafels en koffie!

'Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen' on audiobook because I'm eventually going to learn German, dammit.

Brought my Chromebook on this trip hoping I could get some programming done on my entry, but nope. I doubt that I'm going to get a game done this year.

Finally have WiFi at the hotel. Tonight's trip to Chicago to see was maybe the most fun I've had at a wrestling event.

Adult themes, pro wrestling 

God, I love when wrestling gets dumb.

I need to get rid of some of my crummy, old, broken github repos.

The ISS is currently experiencing a slow depressurization in the Russian segment, the crew is not in danger and is searching for the leak

I'd be very hesitant to stick my finger in a hole that's exposed to the vacuum of space! 🤣 Glad they got it patched up and Alexander Gerst's finger is ok.

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I was also brought to tears (literally, I sniffled in the locker room) by the moving banner that the British Library have put up in the foyer.

I've achieved peak basic.

✔️ Instax camera.
✔️ Fingernail polish that matches Instax camera.
✔️ Rose gold ears in the background.
✔️ Sneaky hipster: in the camera's selfie mirror, a record player.


Had a fantasy football draft and don't remember who I drafted, I spent the whole time watching the news to see if Andrew Gillum was going to get the nomination for governor.

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It wasn't until I saw that picture on my laptop screen that I realized how molty he looks right now.

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At any given time you can find approximately 3,720 turtle pictures on my phone. 🐢

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