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Finally installed F-Droid for the first time. Another instance of "I wish I'd done this sooner!" Now trying out Tusky. Any other good apps I should try out?

Anybody else 'sudo su' and end up singing Sussudio?

NPC: Hey, I know you're in the middle of saving the world and all, but would you kindly plant some carrots and feed the cat for me? K thanks byeeeeee.

Finished a bunch of Lestallum quests. Give me that sweet, sweet exp.

A lot of this game is making Ignis drive to the next quest point while I goof off on my phone and judge the characters for not wearing their seatbelts.

Made myself sit in front of the computer for two hours, begging myself to start on any one of my many unfinished projects, and I just can't. There's only so much free time and I can't even use that properly. Can't even tell if this is burnout, depression, or simply laziness.

Now I'm going to rage-play FFXV and eat chocolate cake for breakfast because if I'm not going to be productive I may as well be hedonistic.

What is up with the Cup Noodles product placement in Final Fantasy XV!? 🤣 That may be the cheesiest thing I've ever witnessed in a video game.

Played the demo of Octopath Traveler while curled up in bed. That game is GORGEOUS. It's pixel art but 3D and there's depth of field...? How did they even DO that?

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Imposter syndrome is the hardest thing you can fight without really visible and known result of your work

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liveland raspberry apples, painted by mary daisy arnold, 1912

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There is immense joy in just watching - watching all the little creatures in nature.

Illness sucks. One day you're on top of the world, then you wake up the next morning like, "Why is my body on fire!?"

Sudafed, take me away...

I should get to bed because I have so much back-end PHP stuff on my plate right now but I'm just too excited to sleep.

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Turn your entire internet into with this Chrome extension

This has made me smile so much today. Usually I use Momentum as my new tab screen, but seeing Team Cockroach in my new tabs has been great. Also, the profanity filter makes me laugh, especially "shirt".

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This Pen by is made with CSS and pure cuteness and I love it.😀

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It's my birthday! Wanna help me celebrate? Please register to vote, right now, and vote like hell in November. And please share this, if you're so inclined!

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