Feeling the mania coming on... I just signed up for three Coursera courses that I will never finish, two of which I already flaked on in the past. Plus, I did a ton of blogging, language learning stuff, and side-project programming this past weekend. Past experience tells me I'm going to burn out in about two weeks, if not sooner. But let's ride this productivity wave while it lasts!

For the first time ever I've won Toy Story Mania. Aim for those 1000+ targets!

I think my biggest mix-up so far is wanting to write "hebben" instead of "haben".

When you're learning German after already learning a bit of Dutch.

A skirt = Ein Rok

Just listened to this earlier today and it seems super relevant to, well... everything right now.

Never meet your (super) heroes

I don't write many SQL queries, so when I do, and it's more than "SELECT * FROM bleh", I feel REALLY smart.

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oh my god, someone made a joke earlier about "000000" being a terrible password and I was just like "well /yeah/"

I didn't realize it was a reference to an /actual thing/


Wanted to find a reason to use the Fetch API today, but nope, stuck in PHP land for now.

Finally getting around to playing SHENZHEN I/O because I guess I like games that feel like work?

The Good Place is hands-down my favorite show... maybe ever? Sorry, Star Trek Voyager. 😬

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Is learning how to code a fundamental skill like reading and writing?

Or is it more like plumbing in that it is incredibly valuable to society but most people don’t need to understand it?

Or is it more like law where it’s good for kids to have a basic understanding of our legal system but they don’t really need any in-depth knowledge?

On my second cup of pumpkin spice coffee this morning, not because I'm tired, but because it's so damn tasty.

@doliu666 I'm not sure because I've never really experienced it as a dev. Personally, I think it's cultural, just like how non-tech companies can foster a toxic culture that causes employee burnout, like call centers that enforce extreme quotas and time limits.

As a dev team lead, this is really making me think. Like, just a small culture shift could raise stress levels and bring on crunch. Best to always be aware of it.

THIS. I worked a non-dev job where I (later found out illegally because I shouldn't have been classified as exempt) worked so much overtime and weekends under the pretense of "furthering my career". The company ended up shutting down. I got nothing to show for all that extra work I put in.

Now, I work a unicorn of a dev job where we all work only 40 hours a week and they treat us like real people and not "company resources". Life is so much better this way.

@gboyd42 The last time I processed film was probably 2006, in college. I keep threatening to turn a bathroom into a darkroom, but ventilation would be an issue.

@tommasz I'd almost forgotten about pull-apart film. Such a bummer.

Took some Instax photos last night. Still getting the hang of it. I love feeling the click of the shutter and hearing the white of the gears inside. It's mechanical magic.

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