THIS. I worked a non-dev job where I (later found out illegally because I shouldn't have been classified as exempt) worked so much overtime and weekends under the pretense of "furthering my career". The company ended up shutting down. I got nothing to show for all that extra work I put in.

Now, I work a unicorn of a dev job where we all work only 40 hours a week and they treat us like real people and not "company resources". Life is so much better this way.

@mknize Why is crunching so common in dev work, anyway? Is it endemic to the work with milestones etc, or is it a culture thing?

@doliu666 I'm not sure because I've never really experienced it as a dev. Personally, I think it's cultural, just like how non-tech companies can foster a toxic culture that causes employee burnout, like call centers that enforce extreme quotas and time limits.

As a dev team lead, this is really making me think. Like, just a small culture shift could raise stress levels and bring on crunch. Best to always be aware of it.

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