Strictly analogue: Polaroid's past, present and future - a photo essay

I've really gotten into instant and vintage photography lately (miss my old SLR camera and developing film by hand). I may need to get myself a new Polaroid camera to go with my Instax.

@mknize I love the instant film look but I wish Fuji hadn't stopped making the FP-110c45 and FP-100c pull-apart films. I've got one last pack for my Mamiya and that's it.

@tommasz I'd almost forgotten about pull-apart film. Such a bummer.

@mknize I still shoot with a Nikon F-601 and Ilford B&W occasionally. Haven't processed my own film in well over a decade though.

@gboyd42 The last time I processed film was probably 2006, in college. I keep threatening to turn a bathroom into a darkroom, but ventilation would be an issue.

@mknize Exactly. I'd probably end up using one of those dark bags, but the thought of trying to load the film onto the tank spiral in one of those things puts me off. Besides, my local Max Spielmanns does a half decent job of developing.

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