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... but this is kind-of a pain for a couple of reasons. First, it's not localized. Second (and more serious) it's not as flexible as just constructing a String and throwing it on the screen.

So here's the question: why not just have a template which just has a single "message" parameter, and construct the whole message in my IntentsHandler?

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I've made some response properties and templates (see image) and construct those from my IntentsHandler with the correct parameters.

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I have questions about coding Siri Shortcuts, and would appreciate any insights you folks might have.

In hindsight, adding Swift into this ObjC project was a mistake, given that my primary dev machine is the 12” MacBook Adorable.

I’m writing Siri Intents for an app that hardly anyone uses.
How’s your Friday evening going?

iPhone XR loses 3D Touch though. That might be a deal-breaker, as I’m one of the few people who actively use it.
Need to play with one IRL before deciding.

Still lolling at the guy in the swimming pool this afternoon, with his baby daughter, filming everything on a GoPro.
Dude, you’re at Center Parcs in England, not skydiving into a volcano.

Take Apple Watch as an example. Owners fall into two camps:
1. People who call it “iWatch”
2. iOS devs

I’ve never met an Apple Watch owner (who isn’t a developer) correctly name the device.

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Sweet new hardware from Apple today.
My only criticism is the bloody awful product naming. Using “X” (a numeral) alongside “S” or “R” (letters) is stupid.
Most people can’t pronounce “X” correctly, and “XS” / “XR” will confuse them even more.

Feels like the iPhone XR is a solid choice, unlike the 5c which occupied a similar position in the 2013 keynote.
I’d never have recommended a 5c, but I would buy a XR myself.

Oof, that was good. Some tough decisions to make over the next few days!

Finding it hard to get excited about Apple Watch, tbh.
(Even though I’ve owned three and wear one every day)

Day three of the family holiday, and (predictably) I have a sore throat and constant sneezing.
Human bodies are weird.
And annoying.

Pink text on green background does not a good presentation make.

Shout-out to all the geeks in Aberystwyth who have two MacBooks, two iPhones, one iPad and one Apple Watch to charge this evening, and only brought two chargers to Wales.

Oh man, I’ve missed !
- It’s in Aberystwyth
- There is sea. And hills!
- There are a lot of geeks here. A /very/ lot of geeks
- Speakers. Actual people you’ve heard of, including Ellen Shapiro, Dave Verwer and Paul Hudson

Yaaas, but now sleep. 💤

Audience member: “Well actually...”
Everyone else: *glares*

Less than an hour into and we have our first “question” which is not a question.
Well done, random attendee for destroying our will to live so soon.

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