Downloading macOS Mojave.
The terrible contrast ratio in the "time remaining" text doesn't bode well for Mojave's "dark mode" :-(

I've made some response properties and templates (see image) and construct those from my IntentsHandler with the correct parameters.

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I’m still enjoying this book about the big five mass extinctions. “The ends of the world” by Peter Brannen.
So, er, yay for carbon dioxide!

I mean, just look at it.
That breakpoint.
For months.
Waiting for *this moment*.

“£2, for this little pot of nuts?”
*20 minutes later*
“Actually that’s a *lot* of nuts”

In other news, I’m loving this book about the big five mass extinctions in Earth’s history.
(And, frankly, I’m surprised that anything could get me this interested in geology and palaeontology)

So, this Ruby hack I’ve been playing with: it’s almost usable.
But I realise it might cost £300 to buy the 6144 particular pieces I’d need.
Might be a bit extravagant for a bit of Lego art. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(I’ll post the GitHub repo soon)

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