Just got my annual reminder to update provisioning profiles and signing identities for the app at my day-job
This would usually be a bad thing, but we automated it with Fastlane a few months back.
Yay for automation!

Swift’s protocol-oriented-programming is all good until your protocol defines a property, and properties aren’t permitted in extensions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After a few weeks trialling veganism, I can safely say that “no cheese” is better than “vegan cheese”.
Also: I’m surprisingly happy with that.

“Daddy, have you changed your mind about installing Flash on the gaming PC?”
“Sorry kid”
“But why?”
*me googles photos of Maersk ships*
“Sit down, son, let me tell you a story”

PSA: if you make a github pull request which fixes a *tiny* typo in the readme, for a project that hasn’t been touched in years, I’ll probably just ignore it.
And laugh.

In other news, I learned that my always-on headless 2011 Mac Mini is too old to run macOS Mojave.
This saddens me. 😔

Get off the train in Nottingham this morning: overpowering smell of weed.
Lunchtime walk along the canal: everywhere smells of weed
Walk to Nottingham station this evening: smell of weed
Wander home through Bingham after buying a takeaway curry: gigantic smells of weed.

Must be I guess... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Downloading macOS Mojave.
The terrible contrast ratio in the "time remaining" text doesn't bode well for Mojave's "dark mode" :-(

Came up with a fabulous hack at work today, in a “do it now, ask for permission later” kind of way.

Also: sorry if I didn’t reply to your Slack messages, but my Mac was busy running a rogue DNS server on the guest WiFi. 😬

... and Saturn is easy to spot near to the moon.
(I really must replace my 60mm refractor with something better)

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I get that the parameterized version is better, semantically, but does Siri take advantage of that?
Or does it just see the whole message?
Why shouldn't I just construct the whole String in my Swift code?
(Thread ends)

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