- religion allegedly prevents you from getting vaccinated

- religion is allegedly just fine with kidney transplant

get the fuck out of here with that bullshit

It's 2021 and Apple finally gave the MacBook a 1080p front-facing camera.

in the new Matrix Neo discovers that the world is actually a big Wordpress site

pro-tip: if you ever get a link that you don't trust, add a "+" to the end of the URL so you can be taken to the info page instead

e.g.: ->

I think they finally turned on the heat in this building!

I sure have been sleeping a lot ever since getting back from New Jersey. 2/10, wouldn’t recommend it.

My neighbors are listening to "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada very, very loudly.

i'm an insect that regularly attends demonstrations, a protest-ant

@nekojanai I usually try not to take more than 3mg at a time. I’ve read it becomes less effective in higher doses.

So now, opening Developer Tools and peeking at the HTML code is "hacking":

> “The state is committed to bringing to justice anyone who hacked our systems or anyone who aided them to do so,” Parson continued. “A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to information or content. This individual did not have permission to do what they did. They had no authorization to convert or decode, so this was clearly a hack.”

We need to take that term back for the community.

Phew, just had a mini panic attack cause I thought I lost my debit card. It wasn’t in the usual spot in my wallet.


Beyond Meat Hot Italian links are more like Mild Italian links tbh

Moving to @mjorgensen for the time being. This instance will be turned down later this week.

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Moving back here - don't feel like running a single-user instance anymore.

What's up?

Should answers to "Security Questions" (think resetting a password) be case sensitive?

Okay I’m home now but everything hurts and aches so I’m gonna take care of this when it doesn’t hurt to move

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Specifically the web server isn’t running but I can’t ssh in right now.

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