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Last time I'm moving for at least 6 months, I promise.

And we’re getting to the time of night where we get to play the game: fireworks or gunshots?

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Sometimes I just favorite entire threads I’m not apart of because, some of y’all are just funny as heck.

Literally, one explosion every five seconds. It’s madness. The cat is terrified.

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I sincerely hope nobody I personally know is responsible for them.

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Urgent help request, relocation (boosts+) 

Does anyone on Snouts live in or around the Central Florida area and have space for someone to stay for the forseeable future? I'm in very dangerous living conditions and I desperately need out. I need to transport a rather hefty load of things from my current location so a car/truck would need to be provided.

Fireworks are cancelled due to the ongoing global pandemic, of course. Please enjoy this bingo card, and stay safe this weekend! 😷⬅️6'➡️😷

we could simply pretend 2020 never happened

"why is there just an empty file in your business records between 2019 and 2021?" - "don't worry about it." - wha-" "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT."

on fedi we don't say "I love you", we say #DeathToAmerica, and I think that's beautiful

Does anyone know where I can find free audio book versions of Black radical thinkers and writers?

One of my friends, although reading doesn't come easy for him, listens to a lot of podcasts.

Please boost.

Wheeeeee just heard about two dozen shots fired only a few blocks away.

Dunno what sleep is so I spent the morning setting up some cState instances for some of my domains/collection of systems/services.

Is it a thing that different TLDs might not propagate DNS as swiftly as others?

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