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Upgraded my old BENQ monitor this weekend. I’ve gone from 27” 1080p 60Hz to a PX7 Prime 27” - 1440p 144Hz. The difference is night and day. Pixels look much clearer at 1440p on a 27”. I’m looking forward to testing out the frame rate on some games soon.

Suppose I should introduce myself!

I’m Mitch, a web developer from the middle of the UK. I use several languages including PHP, Elixir, Swift, Crystal and Javascript.

Outside of programming I’m into fitness, boardgames, guitar, landscape photography, reading fantasy books, and anything tech related.

Initial thoughts on :

* ARM Mac’s sound super exciting. Definitely going to hold off upgrading until they’re out.

* Some nice QoL stuff for iOS. Widgets, default apps, and the app drawer will be welcome features.

* New Scribble feature on iPadOS looks nice, but I’ll most likely forget about it after using it a few times.

I’m hoping SwiftUI and Catalyst updates will make developing Mac apps better.

Wrote a blog about my experience getting banned on Twitter. I’m hoping that this will be the push to become more active on Mastodon

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