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In conclusion, both Marxists and Libertarians operate based on simplistic and wrong assumptions about money. We now have the seedlings for a more accurate model of man's relationship with numbers being passed around.

Anyone interested in cryptocurrencies should read @davidgraeber's Debt: the first 5000 years, empirically documenting of man's relationship with money and credit. His findings tend to mirror that of @yanisvaroufakis ex .gr finance minister

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Issue One: virtual currency is untraceable? WRONG.
Issue Two: sanctions do not apply to virtual currency? WRONG.

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The Magistrate Judge included YouTube links to SNL "The McLaughlin Group" bits in his opinion, presumably to help convey his tone.

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It's really striking how well trained scent dogs can detect Covid (and ): a randomized controlled, triple-blinded validation trial and real life study at in airport. They need to get retrained for diff't variants @GlobalHealthBMJ @HelsinkiUniMed

Breaking ground on the Chidlom Park housing project in Naratiwat.

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Explaining Windows Subsystem for Linux to my daughter 🤣🤣

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Cities are better when they're built for kids. Thoughts?

Zymple Remote Work - บริหารงานเกษตรผ่านกล้องวงจรปิด CCTV 📹 -

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40 years ago, The Clash played in . While there, Pennie Smith shot this classic image of them on railway tracks for the Combat Rock cover. But where exactly was it taken?

🚂 A Journey to the Combat Rock Album Cover Sorta-Location

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For the “cycling infrastructure is ableist” crowd: Four snapshots of social inclusion captured within a half hour in The Hague today.

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“Homeschooling is only for the privileged.”


But homeschooling parents get the privilege to:

- See their kids read their first words.
- Take field trips to museums and libraries with them when no one else is there.
- Grow with them instead of away from them.

Well this was an interesting read.
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This is a very valuable guide to understanding the disaster that is cryptocurrency, an interview with a serious computer scientist who has been researching crypto for years and whose honest appraisal is that the whole project needs to "die in a fire."

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Watched elementary kids sulk and walk around a track because they “hate running.” Then during the game of tag they sprinted gleefully doing running intervals for 15 minutes. That true story is generalizable across all of school.

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Sitting in my tiny Airbnb, remembering what a crucial role it had for me in my whole renovation: in brief, I lucked into the property; highly motivated seller, property pretty devastated in a frat-house like manner, was able to make it happen, barely.

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Asked my friend's 5yo what is your favorite thing about school?

Movie & popcorn day!

Asked my 5yo what is your favorite thing about homeschooling?

That I get to be with you 🥰🥲

Never underestimate how important you are to your child ❤️

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A very brief catch-up with @mishari at Yala Railway Station. Many people got on at this station. It’s probably a full train now.

I’m thinking that when I do my Thai Train Challenge next year I will do an overnight stop here. I’m still working on the details.

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