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Every day I talk to home educating parents who live in fear of being told they must send their children to school. They think that professionals they meet won't understand them & will find them lacking. Here's what every professional should know about home education. 1/

Zymple Remote Work - ผมได้ถูกคัดเลือกให้เป็นสมาชิก InnerSource Commons 🥳 -

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Saving Capital Markets - coming soon to a theater near you

One way to increase your digital privacy is to remove the unique identifier that links your online activity together, which is ... your email.

#SimpleLogin allows you to create 15 aliases on it's free plan, $30 per year if you want more:

Similar to using a password manager to enable unique password per account, now you can also have a unique email per account.

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#Privacy #PrivacyTools

How many times are you on the list?
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I’m laughing, because I’m on the list, at least three times…😂😂😂 So PROUD

@choe ทักผมใน Telegram หน่อยครับ @misharim หรือ LINE: mishari.muqbil

Me: *puts on coat to go out*
14yr old: don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!
Me: ok I won’t eat any broccoli

Cacao plants are coming along nicely after we covered them to reduce the amount of sunlight on the saplings.

@choe รับงานไหมครับ ไม่น่ายากมาก

@klardotsh are there any open source projects that implement this well that I can study?

@veer66 @papipupepo น่าจะหลายปีแล้วนะครับ ช่วงหลังๆไม่มี

@papipupepo @veer66 เอาไหม กำไรสมทบทุนช่วยค่าโฮสต์ เพื่อนผมทำทัวร์ชุมชนอยู่

I'm looking for freelancers to help migrate code from Perl to Python on a FOSS project. Is there an Upwork equivalent geared towards FOSS developers?

@papipupepo มาเที่ยวสิครับ นาซิดาแฆอาหารเช้าของโปรดของผมเลย

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