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Breaking news: @HarishB07 and @michadelics did a fantastic talk at our last covering the portal they use at @SAP. They're back to announce it is now available as an OS project. Contributions welcome. Happy InnerSource Day indeed! :) bit.ly/3qf0W4S

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Barack Obama in a Snapchat interview has some advice for Dems on "defund the police"

For the Art challenge, my favorite piece of art work is this one by @PhilosophyNook, Rubber Ducks are a great hack by Thai protestors, being used as protection against water cannons as well as becoming a meme in their own right. (More info at thaienquirer.com/20903/how-the)

Huawei, Baidu, Tencent adopting InnerSource throughout their organization.

I2P 0.9.48 has been released!
It enables the new end-to-end encryption protocol for most services. There are also significant performance improvements throughout the router.
Release notes: geti2p.net/en/blog/post/2020/1
Download: geti2p.net/en/download

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ผมกำลังรับสมัคร Product Specialist 1 อัตรา สำหรับช่วยงาน testing และ documentation ตั่งต่าง เงินเดือน 19,000–24,000

คนที่ไม่ได้จบสาย tech แต่อยากทำงานกับ tech company ก็สมัครได้นะครับ ไม่ดูวุฒิ ขอหัวดี ลอจิกดี สื่อสารกับมนุษย์เก่ง

อ่านรายละเอียด ⬇️

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Did you know that there is a burgeoning industry around using psychedelics to treat conditions such as depression and PTSD?

Neither did I.

In this Marik Hazan comes on to share the story of the growing psychedelics industry.


@loke the article isn't referring to Thai conservatism. Still, I agree with the small government proposal.

@loke usually it means being an ultra royalist / authoritarian.

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It's here 🌱

Today we're shipping the first public release of Radicle — a peer-to-peer stack for building software together.


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The Asia-Pacific portion of the 4 Dec Summit will feature dialogues on led by @eneerhut, @mapillary, and the development of an offline, cross-platform OSM editor led by @geohacker, @developmentseed. RSVP here: bit.ly/3jMmv8Z

This would also mean @nytimes has been making things up since at least 1936
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Opinion: Making outlandish statements hinders more than helps the student movement

The protesters must be reasonable and logical moving forward.


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@tiersaj and I are hosting an unschool community chat. Whether you're just interested in learning, early in your unschooling journey, or have never known anything else, we would love the opportunity to get to know you more.

Let us know you're coming 😊bit.ly/1205unschoolchat

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Thank you @ToyotaMotorCorp for being a Platinum Sponsor of Open Source Summit Japan + Automotive Linux Summit 2020 and for supporting the open source community! View the schedule: bit.ly/34DD6pH. Register: bit.ly/3iq0QT5

Bye @webfaction thanks for all the years of great service. Hello @HostWithLove, to new beginnings :) (for anyone else that's interested, here's a sign up afilliate link clients.hostwithlove.com/aff.p)

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