@djsumdog @mishari another camera takes a pic of your pp and puts it on the Blockchain for validation. It's the future!!

@mishari W- Why? Why does a faucet need a screen? Why does a faucet need internet connectivity? Why does a faucet need digital storage space? Why does a faucet need to be registered on "the blockchain"?

@mishari Ahh, I googled and I think the answers to those questions are, in order:

- 🤷
- to serve ads
- to serve ads
- to serve ads
- 🤷

@rgegriff @mishari I'm not one for vandalism, but I think we have a moral and ethical obligation to straight up destroy devices like this wherever they appear

@rolenthedeep @rgegriff @mishari

I am curious as to how well the electronics inside are protected from water ingress and a certain amount of this could be explained away as "clumsiness" rather than outright vandalism 😉

@vfrmedia @rgegriff @mishari the waterproof seal was accidentally damaged by my hammer, I don't know what happened

@vfrmedia @rgegriff @mishari knowing roughly how these companies design and "test" products, I'd bet a crisp hundred dollar bill that if you block the water flow with your hand, it'd back up into the screen and destroy the electronics

No need to a *web search*. The info is in the post.

Never wash hands there. The diarrhea will do the rest.
@rgegriff @mishari

@rgegriff @mishari answer to the last one: to sell more reliable information: no one can claim not to have had that thing.

@rgegriff @mishari How else are they supposed to get a "passive income" from their already sold devices if not from spying people?

@niconiconi @mishari no, a series of chains, and then you get trapped in them.

@mishari I started reading that last sentence and started filling it in: "...uses ai to identify inefficient ... handwashing?". That, at least could have been based on good intentions, but no. It's all ads! Just wait until they figure out that they should put these screens in front of the toilets, where people tend to spend even more time.

@mishari Wait, so if we hit that faucet we can punch the blockchain right in its .. blocks? Quick, someone figure out how to enter a JNDI string via handwashing.

@mishari What is "interaction data"? People are washing their hands for longer if ad is interesting? Or is it "watch 10 second ad before the tap opens"?
@mishari This can't be real. Please tell me this is a sick joke.

@mishari who else sees the error? At least one blockchain layer is missing


the company itself (or at least its UK arm) got dissolved in 2019. I wonder just how waterproof the electronics in these things are?


@mishari I don't understand how a blockchain would be of assistance for advertisers or businesses here. Blockchains are essentially just fancy linked lists; the novel proposition here seems to be "toilet cameras", which perverts have already been doing for decades.

@mishari A blockchain based mass surveilance system

@mishari please tell me this is fake. please please please tell me iot blockchain ai smart faucet with tailored advertisements isn't real

@mishari if I went in that bathroom and the sinks had screens I'd pee on the floor.

I thought maybe the blockchain was to record water usage data? Maybe micro transactions for water, something at least somewhat interesting (though stuoid for a public bathroom faucet). But no, it's for *fucking ad impressions*. Whoever designed this should be beaten and whoever bought the pitch committed to a retard asylum.
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