Latest development project I've been called in to trouble shoot: no tests, very few commits due to code being edited live on staging as code in dev environment doesn't run on staging, with deadline looming to time spent on writing code instead of fixing environment 🧵

I have seen countless projects like this where as time moves closer to the deadline, desperation sets in, good practices get thrown out of the window.

Usually to recover and speed up such a project, one needs a test framework setup so one can call in freelancers to help.

The lead dev would start writing test cases, with other team members implementing the logic, but this is no longer possible.
In this case we get more testers on board, more expensive, but they're standing by to test as soon as there's a release which happens several times a day

This is to ensure that the app is generally working upon release. Unfortunately this is the best that can be done, once the contractual release dates are met, then the team can go in and start sweeping up the bugs and putting things in order.


When this happens, I always think back to the quote by @unclebobmartin, "the only way to go fast is to go well"

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