Open Tech Summit Thailand finally confirmed for 1-2nd October, please join us !

@mishari Is there any more info about this? I should be in Thailand...

@mishari I'd consider, but I'm not sure what I'd talk about. I know a lot about front-end ... particularly Elm and PureScript, but I don't know how this fits in a hardware-oriented event.

@toastal it's not hw oriented. Can be anything open source, open tech and open culture.

@toastal I really would like to know more about ELM and why one would use it. @veer66

@mishari @veer66 Bahaha. I feel like I'd be happier talking about where Elm falls short and when you should upgrade to PureScript 🌶

@mishari @toastal JS world especially Redux borrows many ideas for dealing with states from Elm and ClojureScript. And doing things in Elm way using Elm should be more convenient than doing it in JS. 😅

@veer66 @mishari true, but Redux is such a half-measure. Go all the way!

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