Fediverse: how did you start learning computing? I want to hear your stories. Please RT!

@mishari Started out on an Apple //e that my dad brought home. Learned BASIC, played games, and got hooked. After that came a Mac SE/30. More games, learned HyperTalk and made my own HyperCard stacks. Studied Computer Science in uni, and nowadays I'm a front-end web dev/UX designer and teacher.

@dragfyre @mishari Started on a Commodore 64, doing mostly Basic programming until I discovered assembly. Moved on to Atari ST, followed by Unix systems and eventually Linux.

@mishari it all began with an Apple II+. Games was a draw. But the main reason was to program UV EPROMS for some electronics projects. Learned Integer Basic and Apple Basic with a smattering of 6502 assembly. Progressing to PC clones and a Mac Plus, SE. Lots of coding in dBase/Clipper, Modula-2, PL SQL, and Python. All self-taught

@topquark @mishari BASIC class in 5th Grade connected via Olivetti yellow-paper TTY, punch tape, and acoustic-coupled modems to a Data General minicomputer at the county district office. Then Apple ][ BASIC and ASM. Macs in 1987; lots of HyperScript, AppleScript, 4D, Pascal, Excel, Filemaker followed. Stumbled upon BSD and Linux in 1999 and switched to C, MySQL, PHP, JS. Atmel AVR (pre-Arduino) and ARM ASM (tho mostly C) in 2002. Stumbled upon and started using Scheme and Emacs in 2003, Python in 2005, Git in 2008, and Clojure in 2012. Current day gig is mostly Ansible and Terraform. All of which self-taught and occasionally mentor-guided.

@mishari started somewhat with our 386 box with dos and pc/geos. But really got going when we got our win98 PII, and we got Dish and thus ZDTV. The Screen Savers soon got me into linux...

@mishari started from recording(not writing) javascript to cheat in games as a stupid 15yrs kid (i dont do this shit any more dont hate me ).many years later one day the adult me all of a sudden dual booted my laptop for linux, then picked up everything all by myself and it feels like finally meet an old friend, protocols, infinite loops, functions,memories, oop, and machine learning algorithms..all areas are so interesting and linux system seems be elegantly connecting everything all together!

@mishari 1988, computers in offices were not much more than "that box in the corner, finance uses" I had a zx spectrum 48k, and the local college had just started a "computer course". Having enrolled I learnt about COBOL, star networks, typing and some Pascal.. none of which I ever used IRL, however I was bitten by the bug. never looked back since....

@mishari I got started because I was tired of not being able to bring my ideas to fruition & help my community.

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