What's a good software for collaborative projects? I was thinking along the lines of a wiki, but a kanban / jira-like board is not unreasonable either.

While I have a lot of respect for MediaWiki, it's kind of total overkill.

@deadsuperhero hmmm you want project management or just knowledge sharing?

@jalcine I'm kind of torn.

Right now, my process is that I have a long note document full of bullet points for things I'm investigating (media) and I move them around in the document as I do stuff.

I think I want some combination of task management and a wiki, but it seems like a wiki might be overkill?

@cwebber @deadsuperhero no lie, I use this via Vim for a lot of abstract project management

@benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero Also, in answer to the original question, I'd recommend Markdown + Gitlab / Github. It's super lightweight, easy to learn, fairly powerful, and gives the end user access to a universe of potential tools while providing a standard format for interchange. Plus it renders to a pretty web page :)

@mishari @benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero I've not used Fossil. I recommended gitlab/github for exactly that kind of simplicity! I was extrapolating a bit, I'm mostly used to Github, which has some really great simplifying facilities to make contribution possible for decidedly non technical users. What attributes does fossil bring to the table that make it simpler to both work with and maintain? And are there any nice web GUIs around it like gitlab?


@feoh @benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero I haven't used it either tbh but it's used by sqlite and they advertise themselves as being simpler than git.

@mishari @benhamill @jalcine @cwebber @deadsuperhero Git plus Gitlab or Github is remarkably simple. Also the OP hasn't chimed in in a while so I'll stop now :)

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