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"...young people are terrified to tweet. The assumption of good faith is dead. What matters is not goodness but the appearance of goodness. We are no longer human beings. We are now angels jostling to out-angel one another. God help us. It is obscene." chimamanda.com/

Moving 4TB of street-level photos from @backblaze B2 to Amazon Deep Archive.

@mishari I taught my kids geography playing a simplified version of Risk before they could even read the names on the board. They have great shape recognition at that age.

Kids just figured out multiplications by themselves. They did it by observing the combination of notes in Monopoly.

taoism, "acting simply" 

"True leaders are hardly known to their followers.
Next after them are the leaders the people know and admire;
after them, those they fear;
after them, those they despise.

To give no trust is to get no trust.

When the work’s done right,
with no fuss or boasting,
ordinary people say,
Oh, we did it."

-Laozi, Chapter 17

This is one of those passages from the Tao Te Ching that's been really sticking with me lately. It's a pretty interesting way of looking at good leadership; as an invisible hand, if you will, rather than an iron fist.

If you’re in the market for a new computer, elementary OS now ships pre-installed on several laptop models and when you purchase from one of these retailers, it helps fund development!

Happy day today. The client thanked us, unprompted, for keeping our deadlines.

have been coaching a friend on how to deliver software projects professionally. I insist that number one rule is keep your word at any cost, whether it's deadlines, deliverables, quality.

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I've decided to make a quick timelapse of the Age Distribution of English Adult Vaccinations between December 13th, 2020, and June 6th, 2021 for anyone who is interested.

After vaccinations, I am looking forward to eating freshly served food at a restaurant, and riding public transport again. Have yet to try the BTS extension towards Don Muang.

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Can InnerSource thrive in a bureaucratic culture? Check out the first of a series on Culture, Behaviors, and InnerSource. More to come next week. Please share and comment. linkedin.com/pulse/culture-beh

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Linux sysadmins: How my six-year-old learned to do my job red.ht/3ceBg39

I'll certainly be remembering this lesson for the next KPI/OKRs I need to develop.

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The kids then come up with ideas on how to meet the target. "Sorry" said, rooms cleaned, integrity maintained. There's also a focus on solving problems rather than emotional outbursts, the space that is created once goals are sensible and clear allows wonders to happen.

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No crying strikes a chord, it's something everyone can get behind. Whenever there's an incident that leads to crying, as emotions build-up, we take a break and talk about the incident our no crying target.

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One's initial intuition is to do KPIs for the number of punches per day, but the punches are a reaction to a trigger, say, an insult, not getting ones way, or complex interactions gone bad.

No crying on the other hand is a KPI that all the stakeholders can get behind.

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Establishing a number of crying incidents KPI seems to work. Kids are all into it, even stop hitting and snatching from each other to meet their KPI.

There's a good lesson here about choosing the right metric. 🧵

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A half-dose of the Moderna vaccine is more effective than a full dose of AstraZeneca.

The AZ vaccine is excellent.

Thus, a half-dose of Moderna is an excellent vaccine.

Use fractional dosing.

Vaccinate the world!

For details, see post and paper.


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ใครได้เอกสารต่อต้านวัคซีนจากคุณหมอคนไทยที่ตอนนี้อยู่เมืองนอกบ้าง เค้าส่งมาให้ผมสองปึก เสียดายกระดาษชะมัด เอาไปทำแบบเรียนให้เด็กป.1 ได้หลายหน้าเลย

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