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"fusion is the technology of the future... and always will be"

Fusion scientists:

Zymple Remote Work - เคล็ดลับป้องกันภัย: หมั่นสำรองข้อมูล - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/f50go4c7

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Yes, all remote is better than co-located if you intentionally organize informal communications. 20 ways to do so are listed on about.gitlab.com/company/cultu twitter.com/joelgascoigne/stat

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Open source can boost EU economy and digital autonomy, study finds wp.me/p8wLEc-bpvd by @psawers

"I have been a stranger in a strange land" is a quote from exodus

Zymple Remote Work - Microsoft มีตัวเลือกให้ยกเลิกการใช้รหัสผ่าน - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/microsof

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Did you buy a Microsoft OS or Office 1998-2010 for use in Canada? Includes pre-installed. Last week to file claim without receipts (up to $250). Details: thatsuitemoney.ca/en/home

(Yes, this is legit; yes, I did double-check. CBC coverage here: cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia)

Zymple Remote Work - ปฏิรูปทีมพัฒนาซอฟท์แวร์ด้วย InnerSource - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/innersou

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Followers ask me all the time what they should do to become better geeks, and I tell them all the time, read more novels.

If you're not a reader already, this novel may be a hard place to start. But it is a masterwork, and I commend it to you on the highest terms.

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A lot of and DAOs are still a centralised facade and it is early. Let me tell you why.



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Great thread on the difference between and actually working in the open, co-creating!

This is exactly what we are trying to convey in our draft Open First strategy:

sara-sabr.github.io/ITStrategy twitter.com/aevavoom/status/14

Zymple Remote Work - เคล็ดลับป้องกันภัย: ลืมรหัสผ่านซะ - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/mjb274bm

@Valenoern @alcinnz a solution for payments would be GNU #Taler


a solution for club goods (patreon paywall) would be crowdmatching from @snowdrift


all work in progress. contributions welcome

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I cannot believe @joerogan would try dihydrogen monoxide

As a parent I want my kids to be independent, free, and obedient. *sigh*
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@larrainesharri3 No I think this is not right to not allow children to be able to decide they are too hot, hungry or even to control when they need to go toilet. It has no other porpous than training them to do as they are told imo and I detest it. I want to raise independent free thinkers!

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It is patriotic to question Thailand’s myths and institutions.

In fact, we would argue that it is imperative that we do so. Not to point our shame and flaws but so we can fix them.


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TIL our wacky culinary measurement system is based on the Sefirot.

Zymple Remote Work - เคล็ดลับป้องกันภัย: การยืนยันสองระดับ - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/wxgfrb04

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