Got CB Radios for my kids, using it to train them to be HAM operators. Also makes it much more fun to go out as it reduces anxiety from separation.

Civilian audit of the military is one of the cornerstones of democracy. For its own good, Army needs be questioned and it is essential to maintaining the accountability of armed forces' personnel to the people.

What books have had the most influence on your life and/or career?

Why universality trumps IQ by

Only discovering Mozilla Lockwise, a password manager by Mozilla. Anyone using it or having a feedback/opinion on it?

Beautiful thing about TDD is that now I can wake up at 2am, code critical systems with half my mind asleep and still end up with functioning code.

Why not give Mastodon users the ability to subscribe to and define block lists?

@dredmorbius Yes, the commenter (speaking from personal experience as a newspaper sub-editor) is explicitly making the claim that media analysis is the same problem, and requires the same skillset, as military intelligence analysis. We are confronted with multiple sources all of whom are actively trying to manipulate us for, sometimes, nation-state-level political or military gain. Our media feed is *literally* a battlespace.

This idea has occurred to me, so naturally I agree with it.

ต้องยอมรับวิสัยทัศน์ของลีกวนยูจริงๆ นะครับ ที่เขาเน้นการพัฒนาคนของประเทศเขาให้กลายเป็น "พลเมืองโลก" ที่สามารถแข่งขัน และร่วมมือ รวมทั้งได้รับการยอมรับจากพลเมืองอื่นๆ ทั่วโลก
ใครที่ถือพาสปอร์ตสิงคโปร์ นี่สามารถไปได้ถึง 159 ประเทศ เชียวนะครับ (มาเลเซีย 154 ไทย 72)

Reclaiming #RSS, by @yogthos 🔗

Reclaiming RSS

To escape censorship by Big Social, all web sites and blogs should implement this one trick.

Hello, this is #FollowFriday! 🍹 🏝️

🔄 @EteSync EteSync: Privacy-friendly libre encrypted syncing service

🐧 @tuxdevices TuxPhones: Blog about linux on smartphones

🕵️ @OCCRP OCCRP: Investigative journalists going after organised crime

🖼️ @glimpse Glimpse: Fork of photo editor GIMP

🎨 @NSobolewArt NSobolewArt: Low poly CGI artwork

Previous Follow Friday posts:

#FF #FFed

@switchingsocial @nurinoas @mu LibreOffice from the website is great for home users, yes, but there are LibreOffice-based solutions ideally suited for organisations and enterprises:

Thank you for supporting Open Tech Summit Thailand.
💻 to information & the protection of fundamental freedoms are becoming more significant in the digital realm.

Are you passionate about Open Source & want to discuss about it?

Deadline: 15 Aug 2019
Details: @fossasia @NIAThailand

Nice description of Free and Open Source Software (and the distinctions between Free Software & Open Source Software, and why they matter), and the opposite: proprietary software: (here's why I think proprietary software is inherently undesirable: )

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