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it's painful to watch Google cut off its nose to spite its face.

what made Google different from literally every other company and enabled it to innovate so much was employees openly collaborating across team boundaries, and that now just isn't possible any more.

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The InnerSource Commons is a unique group of people who come together from all across the industry to share. That's why we at @github are proud partners - check them out if you are trying to nurture developer communities inside your company. innersourcecommons.org/ twitter.com/InnerSourceOrg/sta

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Huge thanks to our first official partners @Bitergia, @github & @microsoft & our first Supporters @comcast,
@Europace, @indeed & @bancosantander 🎉 We are delighted to be working with you to grow the Commons community! 💕

Learn more: bit.ly/3zym49A

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Holy cow, thank you @ahl @bcantrill for pointing me to the incredible Dr. Timothy Rosco OSDI 21 keynote. It's so startling, surprising & mind-blowing on so many different levels.

Without any judgement, here are some of the aha moments.


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If you're looking for a good first issue for getting into an open source project, this is labeled as such: github.com/mswjs/msw/issues/67

Zymple Remote Work - สร้างทีมเวิร์คด้วยการร่วมกันสอนน้อง Ai ให้เข้าใจภาษาไทย 🏆 - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/commonvo

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ส่วนที่ชอบที่สุดของ เว็บไซต์ "เทศบาลตำบลอาจสามารถ" คือหน้าข้อมูลสถิติของเทศบาล มีทั้งเรื่องงบประมาณ ประเมินความโปร่งใส สถิติแก้ไขเรื่องร้องเรียน คุณภาพน้ำประปา เป็น Open Government ระดับท้องถิ่น

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I wanted to see how fast I could get started with @github Codespaces, so I recorded it in realtime...
A new Codespace from scratch in 15 seconds!

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“What if we could know earlier”, by testing wastewater to predict the spread of infectious diseases. Would we discover a different result if we used this method used?
Join us on 25 September at 14.00-18.00

Tried binaural beats last night, according to my smart watch the amount of deep sleep had increased significantly. Need to try again tonight.

Zymple Remote Work - เคล็ดลับความปลอดภัย: ล๊อคหน้าจอ - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/he1iu01o

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Coding is more about communicating than computing.

New data: the best predictor of how quickly people learned to code wasn't math or cognitive ability, but language aptitude.

Math skill was almost irrelevant. Coding is mastering a language, not numbers.


Reminde: If you're into DevOps, Agile, Scrum, as well as open source and want a discipline that can combine the best of both worlds, come listen to @mcobby from National Australian Bank and Willem Jiang from Huawei about their journey. 15.00 BKK time
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Our first APAC Community Call will take place tomorrow at 8am UTC / 10am CEST / 4pm CST / 6pm AEST.
@mcobby from National Australia Bank and Ning (Wi…

Zymple Remote Work - เคล็ดลับความปลอดภัย: จินตนาการ vs ความจริง - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/vs

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"fusion is the technology of the future... and always will be"

Fusion scientists:

Zymple Remote Work - เคล็ดลับป้องกันภัย: หมั่นสำรองข้อมูล - mailchi.mp/zymple.biz/f50go4c7

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Yes, all remote is better than co-located if you intentionally organize informal communications. 20 ways to do so are listed on about.gitlab.com/company/cultu twitter.com/joelgascoigne/stat

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Open source can boost EU economy and digital autonomy, study finds wp.me/p8wLEc-bpvd by @psawers

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