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You don't need permission to start contributing to open source. You just jump in the issues and help triage bugs and answer questions. That's a desperately needed contribution, you'll learn a lot, and contributing code will follow naturally from that if that's what you want.

I showed my son the code print("hello world") he got really excited and ran to the printer.

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20 productivity tools for the Linux terminal red.ht/36yij7q via @opensourceway

protesting advice 

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Here's @paulmromer, who won the Nobel Prize for Economics last year, on charter cities. They're less science fiction than they may sound and setting one up would give the UK a huge new source of the greatest resource of all: human ingenuity! 👨‍🔬🧠👩‍🔬 youtube.com/watch?v=mSHBma0Ith

Please get your parents off FaceBook: markosaric.com/off-facebook/

(I usually aren't interested in discussing social media, but I like this article)

พรุ่งนี้ผมจะสอนวิชา The Open Source Way - 100% Digital
ลงทะเบียน ได้ที่นี่ครับ bit.ly/3feYnKu

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Kimiko Nishimoto, 89 year old Japanese woman who began taking photographs at 72 and is known for her amusing and deceptive self-portraits

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Signal is doing something exciting: They're getting ready to move beyond phone numbers. freedom.press/training/blog/be

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I spent much of the extended weekend playing around with Google's new Action Blocks add-on for Android. (Yes, I really am that cool.)

This thing is much more useful than you'd expect — *if* you figure out how to tap into its mostly hidden powers:


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@kevinroose @Moonalice I had a guy I'd known in real life about 10 years ago who would only show up to argue on my very occasional FB posts on political topics, while seemingly ignoring the other 99% of my posts.

When I called him out, his response was "these are the only posts of yours I ever see".

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Facebook gets a lot of lazy criticism, so it's easy for people who work there to tune it all out as media noise. But how do you tune out "Facebook is amplifying division and fueling extremism" when it comes from *your own researchers*?

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Another good news!
TrueLayer has decided to bet on @rustlang as the technology that will be powering our new Core Banking services.

I am now looking for two Rust backend engineers in Milan to join my team: apply.workable.com/truelayer/j

My DMs are open 😀

RTs appreciated 🦀

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My first webinar experience, talking about @Bitergia, , @InnerSourceOrg and software development analytics. And of course mention to "vague but exciting" and "a hobby, not big" projects that have disrupted the IT market by being open and collaborative!

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Bikers: hey the popup bike lanes were great could we get more?

Govt: actually we believe in your safety so we are planning an elevated bike lane!

Bikers: so popup lanes stay because you want us to be safe?

Govt: no. use sidewalk

Bikers: but that sucks!

Govt: ok don't bike

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