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รู้จักกับ @sinarproject@twitter.com องค์กรไม่แสวงกำไรของมาเลเซีย ใช้ ในการตรวจสอบนักการเมือง twitter.com/sinarproject/statu


(nim-lang.com)? Have you heard of that or given that a try?

- Looks like Python
- But is compiled, statically typed, with type inference
- Compiles to C/C++/JS
- Mixes with C/C++/JS libs
- Strong meta programming features (templates, macros)
- Generic types, procs
- Inbuilt doc generator
- So much more!

น้องๆนินจา​ อายุ​ 13-15​ จาก​ CoderDojo​ ประเทศไทย​มาช่วยสอนโค้ดให้ครู​ม.ต้น​ 50​ คนทั่วประเทศ​ไทย​ ในโครงการที่จัดโดยม.มหิดล​ ร่วมกับไมโครซอฟท์​กับ​ Change Fusion

CoderDojo Ninjas aged 13-15 helping teach high school teachers to write Python.

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Great article on @linuxjournal@twitter.com about kids taking over the open source movement. Will this sustain, or fade out like the flower children? linuxjournal.com/content/kids-

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How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood - The New York Times nytimes.com/2019/03/16/style/s

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1/ A vulture can fly up to 400 kilometres each day in search of carrion. Little should it care whether this flight takes it from one country to another. The vultures of Spain, however, skirt around the Portuguese border with uncanny accuracy.

Good article on making technology decisions. We often get clients who want the latest, greatest technology which is often inappropriate within the use case of the client.


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Dan Root (@danroot@twitter.com) on using @trello@twitter.com to organize all the todos and bring sanity to your daily routine. kidops.life/post/2019/04/inter

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I've been working on Google's cryptography policy (for engineers). It fits in a tweet: Don't invent your own algorithms, don't design your own protocols, don't code your own implementations, don't manage your own keys, and do ask for advice.

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Half of all train trips in the Netherlands begin with a bike ride. As you can see from Delft Station, that isn’t an accident.

It’s the deliberate extension of the CROW principles of cohesion, directness, safety, attractiveness, and comfort; from the street and onto the platform.

One reason writing tests improve software is because you're forced to be the user of your own code.

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Enable "Kid Mode" on Ipad - any iOS device can be locked into an application with the hardware buttons disabled


Special Report : ชำแหละเส้นทางการรายงาน ผลเลือกตั้ง 2562 - rainmaker.in.th/special-eclect

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