Welcome to AirSpace - How Silicon Valley helps spread the same sterile aesthetic around the world - Kyle Chayka @ The Verge: theverge.com/2016/8/3/12325104

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Imagine if you could win every argument.

Now imagine if you didn't have to.

There's no shame in seeing the world through another person's eyes. In fact, we might just learn something along the way: 👇

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A subtle change that came with the ability to sell things instantly on FB Marketplace & OfferUp is that consumers can now expect some residual value on home items—like furniture—which used to be a total loss. And for many items, you can now get nearly 100% of your money back.

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Autistic people are good at pattern recognition and unfortunately sometimes it means I get anxious about things that people don't understand, but then it turns out that I was right to be anxious, which actually sucks because it reinforces my anxiety.

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Well... Here's my very first article in 2021 and it's called "Explore the Promising and Tech-friendly Business Landscape of Georgia" 🎊


There's a link between car-free cities and children's ability to be independent. youtube.com/watch?v=ul_xzyCDT9

Seconds day of surfing lessons, teaching kids to practice by being mindful of the edge of their abilities and pushing it is paying off.

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We focus so much on HTML, CSS and JS...

It took me a while to learn, but clients, start-ups and business owners don't really care what technology we use, or how good or bad the code is.

They just want a website and something that works.

We should try and understand that more.

👋 Join us in 1 hour for the first IPFS meetup of the year! We’ll have @RetroPronghorn there to introduce us to @Vault74_dapp.


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If you weren’t familiar with web video-conferencing apps before the COVID-19 pandemic, I bet you know all about them now. You've probably used more than one of them. But have you ever...built one? 🤔

{ author: @Nilmadhabmondal } dev.to/nilmadhabmondal/let-s-b

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I still come across older people who are like, “Kids don’t have time to be kids anymore.”

My response is, “How could they? Every waking moment is focused on achieving an adult’s predetermined outcome?” twitter.com/thinkingschool2/st

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1/ Late in the Before Time, I spoke at about what it takes for an innovative FOSS or FOSS-ish license to be successful. Here in 2021, I finally wrote it up! blog.tidelift.com/so-you-want-

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We're hiring a Software Developer for our Anti-Censorship Team.

This developer will work to improve the user experience and process of finding alternate routes to the Tor network when global censorship events block access. FT & remote.

Please share!

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I noticed African Architecture isn’t really showcased compared to Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Indian.

So here is a thread of African Architectural styles.

Starting with Nubian

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