The documentation first approach for running organizations has one less known advantage: agility. When one has comprehensive documentation, there is less need for a systems analysis phase, allowing you to go straight to iterating through improvements.

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Not sure which SSD to choose for your business? ✅ We have a team of experts on hand to help with your business needs, today on the following link 👉

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Hate how the narrative of cyclists covered by media in Malaysia is always the safety and issues of the rich decked out in gear for their expensive weekend hobbies, and not about kids who need to cycle to local playgrounds, school safely or a form of eco-friendly local transport

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Android phones and gave Southern California residents an early warning to the 4.5 earthquake last night Here's what the phones' sensors, acting as seismometers, detected. Yellow and red concentric circles are expected locations of the P and S waves.

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My trans autistic child started online A levels last week. Her Classical Civ class is 100% LGBTQI+, has 3 trans kids, a girl trapped in Brunei, an MMA fighter & a girl isolating with a rare medical condition. They meet on WhatsApp and read Homer

Beats the shit out of Hogwarts

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Why does this not surprise me? :) ‘Seeing my son’s development was incredible’: the parents sticking with home schooling beyond lockdown

รอบๆบริเวณสนามหลวงมีสามล้อไฟฟ้า​ Muvmi​ จอดตามจุด บริการครับ​ อยากให้ลองเรียกดู​ สะดวกมาก​


As Matt Blaze writes, a throwaway detail in the book resolves a longstanding cryptographic mystery: that of a Cuban "numbers station" that operated for years, including a decade where it behaved very erratically (by numbers station standards).


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Iranian hackers did not "beat" Telegram's encryption - they broke into a phone, which let them log in to the users' accounts. Strong end-to-end encryption is vital but doesn't eliminate the need for endpoint security

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ฟังเต็มๆ ได้ที่นี่ครับ

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20-30-50-80 วัยที่แตกต่าง กับความฝันเดียวกัน

- อานันท์ ปันยารชุน
- จุฑาทิพย์ ศิริขันธ์
- พริษฐ์ วัชรสินธุ
- เดชรัต สุขกำเนิด

@workpointtoday 20.30 น. คืนนี้ครับ

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Amazingly candid and informative interview of @evernote CEO on tackling years technical debt, on the pressure to catch up with companies like Notion and Roam (who have raised money at stunning valuations), and so much more.

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Friends since high school, Mehant Kammakomati and Sai Vittal B are the drivers of #GNOMEChallenge project, welOSS (Welcome to FOSS).

Inspired by the team's desire to onboard new FOSS users and keep them involved, welOSS analyzes OSS projects for contributors, language, releases, TO DOs, etc. to help users choose their next project. Based on metrics and preferences, the platform will link resources from code tutorials to communication guides to help new users.


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The length of variable names are proportional to the scope that contains them.

The length of function and class names are inversely proportional to the scope that contains them.

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As if our week wasn't big enough already - we still have the awesome @Veeam + MinIO webinar tomorrow. Architecting a high performance backup + restore system for .

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And that's a wrap for the 11th . Thanks so much to all our amazing attendees, organizers and speakers. See you next time! :)

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Get the e-book to learn about the benefits of accelerating your operations, read success stories, and find out how easy it is for you to get started.

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