Thailand finally has a member of parliament, @teng_mfp who can code (pretty well) and contributes to opensource.

Thank you @kapookdotcom for donating about 78,000 sentences to the @mozilla common voice project.

If you have access to Thai text such as articles, memos, lists, contracts, blogs, posts, etc. which you can donate, please ping me.

cc @iwhale @Mhafai

Now storing 6TBs of street level imagery on Amazon S3 deep archive for about $6 per month. Not a bad deal at all.

Farming is interesting, most of it is about managing water, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sunlight efficiently in order to gain the most usable biological output as possible.

Trick is to utilise natural flows ie gravity, food chain to maximise usable output.

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Paris is investing £225m to transform the iconic but car-choked Champs-Élysées boulevard into an “extraordinary garden.” Among other things, 140K on-street parking spaces will be removed. Bold city-building leadership from @Anne_Hidalgo & team. Via @TheB1M

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We are about to find out if the "there is a testing capacity problem" theory in thailand is correct or not. If walk-ins continue to rise higher than previous max then testing cap wasn't the problem. If it levels out with no further interventions then...

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This riderless bike took about four months to be made and it's almost totally open source [source, credit, full video:] [hardware and structure on github:]

I just love how the Internet enables collaboration, serendipity, and creative conflict. What are the chances otherwise of people discovering a community on something so obscure as COVID monitoring from 💩?

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@mishari @dr_leshan @BkkSci I'm getting an error message when I try to visit the site. Would love to hear about more monitoring sites in Thailand to keep our global dashboard of wastewater monitoring updated:

I let my kids have their own opinions even tho I think they are wrong. The answers we take for granted today are the product of a process spanning centuries, they should continue the process.

We had a delightful conversation about the Burmuda triangle. Kids saw a documentary that told them that planes that enter the triangle don't make it out, so I whipped out flight radar and showed them that planes enter the triangle all the time.

This is the symbiosis between learners and mentors. My kids discovered Super Mario on their own, but didn't realize what it was. I can provide relevant context and a nudge in the direction where they can discover more. Rinse, repeat.

Introduced my kids to Super Mario Bros on Open Emu because they were hooked on an incomplete clone on Scratch.

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Internet Archive wanted to do a fundraiser around software. Asked if I knew people. DO I KNOW PEOPLE. We kicked around some ideas, asked a few people, and came up with some fundraising levels. Hence we now have GAME NOT OVER, a talk and panel about preserving video games.

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Communities are an amazing network of minds that come together to pool experience, insight, time, and energy. ⚡️

Done well, the of a can be absolutely HUGE.

What kind of movement do you want to build today? 🤔

Let me know! 👇

Just organized a meeting between @dr_leshan and the Thai Tourism Council to see if we can better monitor COVID-19 cases via wastewater during the Phuket opening. It's amazing what can happen via our humble little @BkkSci meetup. 💪

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"...young people are terrified to tweet. The assumption of good faith is dead. What matters is not goodness but the appearance of goodness. We are no longer human beings. We are now angels jostling to out-angel one another. God help us. It is obscene."

Moving 4TB of street-level photos from @backblaze B2 to Amazon Deep Archive.

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