taking jokes to seriously, unrequested bump with thought on topic 

@mischk I like this comic :)
And also I just wondered wether there might be structural difference in the systems involved and to me the difference seems to be other engineers need to trust their system to be easy to be used as intended while IT's security concern is of the system being possibly used as not intended (which I think would render their jobs a lot harder, too :D)

@mischk to be fair, elevators and aircrafts are usually not subject to nation level attacks

Okay, aircraft sometimes are, but typically of physical nature

@mischk This was before the 737 Max came to light, right?

@mischk first panel hopefully not yet obsolete due to news from this past year

Ich studiere Informatik und wenn ich mal kompliziertere Software bei mir installiere bin ich meist froh, wenn es nach einigen Forensuchen anscheinend sauber laeuft. Wie man es wieder ausschaltet, darum kuemmer ich mich erst wenn das sein muss (z.B. Squid Proxy mit ssl oder Tinc Vpn verbindet mehrere andere Vpns). Es wird halt fast immer nur gefragt "gehts schon", nicht "geht das immer so wie es soll und weisst du warum". Bessere Arbeit wuerde viel mehr Zeit kosten.

@mischk En vrai on peut remplacer le "about computerized voting" par à peu près n'importe quoi.

"about autonomous cars"
"about smartphones"
"about virtual home assistants"
"about windows 10"
"about docker"
"about kubernetes"

@mischk not wrong. especially considering that recent Boeing crashes were also caused by software.

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