What is your favorite terminal / coding font and why?

@mischk Dank Mono, it’s optimized for hi-dpi screens and forms of 0 vs O and l vs 1 vs I and things like that are very clearly distinct & it just looks friendly

@mischk I like it's really pretty, legible and open source licensed

@mischk Terminus. Because it has the right shape of the capital A, is very readable, being a pixel-font is super-sharp, and it's usually packaged for all the distributions. Oh, and also good Unicode support.

@mischk Iosevka, it's nice and chunky and I like how it looks in the terminal

I use Fira Mono in IDE work because ligatures

@mischk I have two. Absolute favourite is Andale mono, but it's absolutely proprietary, so I opt for Fira Code Mono instead.

@mischk I use Monaco in my work machine (a Mac) and Victor Mono in my personal. Both very pretty and readable fonts!

@mischk @trickster I like Source Code Pro for how nice it looks and how readable it is. When I look at a screen full of code, it gives me the most direct sense of what the code is actually doing, more so than other fonts I’ve used.

(I actually use a ligature font based on it called Hasklig.)

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